Finally learning frames, punish question

Hey guys finally picking this wealth of knowledge up for my use. im trying to make sure im understanding everything.

Balrogs light dash punch is -3 on block, its my most used move because i always felt like it was really safe.

So since it’s -3 in a mirror match a blocked dash strait can be punished with a full cr. LP combo by another Rog since he has a 3 frame start up crouching jab?

Spacing is really important in using all of balrog’s dash punches. So if spaced correctly, even though it’s -3 on block it can be out of range and hard for people to react to punish. For example in Super, you could space dash punches appropriately so Gief was in range to reversal spd you (no longer the case). Same with the rest of his attacks. If you do it point blank, then yes you can eat a super from ryu, i think that’s the case regardless of how you space it.

I figured as much, the reach is great on the attack so if you hit them with the tip of the glove there really isnt really a normal in the game that can reach him and is fast enough. but it really is making me re think how i fight Ryu, Chun et. all together, it turns into a all out defensive game when they have super.

Just be careful with Ryu, Ken, Akuma and fei long. The three shotos can srk you if you are not at EXACTLY the right distance. That distance has to be right at the tip of the glove, anything short of that and you eat an SRK. Fei on the other hand, no matter the distance can hit you with a crouching jab into rekka. That Jab has hella range and has a 3 frame startup. Chun is a whole different story, her super comes out in 2 frames so it punishes ANYTHING that Rog does. My advice to you when you play a chun: If chun has super, get her to use it early in the round, rush punch her get her to launch it. Eat it, then move on. If she has super you have to stand still and block. That super punishes standing or crouching fierce. Punishes standing or crouching roundhouse. Punishes all rush punches, punishes super and Ultra obviously. Punishes HB (after she drinks coffee and takes a shower). That super punishes EVERYTHING, not to mention you cant jump at her at all, her standing fierce beats all your jumpins clean.

what was I talking about…

well, the bit about super punishing everything on block isn’t 100% true, there are some safe attacks like ex.dash low and Dash low has a lot of pushback (I think non-ex is safe), i think Chun can only punish it on block with hk.super when you’re deep in the corner. Don’t quote me though, i tested it a LONG time ago.

If you just throw out a dash punch on Chun, she can super it. (same goes for the sweep if whiffed)
Tree’d, though try forcing Chun into the corner but not too deep or she will escape. If you have meter and your trying to get in. Getting them to block a dash punch cancel is a good way to get in. Not alot of people expect that from Rog. The ex missile dash punch is safe and it also pushes a person back.