Finally! Made it to G1

AFter nearly 8 months, I made it to G1.

I play an average of 1 hour and a half a day with a 45% win/loss ratio. It’s been a struggle to say the least. How embarassing.

It seems everyone doesn’t really care to take online play seriously, but it’s been the only benchmark to my skill as I don’t play in the arcades.

What I’ve found in the first 8 matches is that I’m more successfull. It’s really too early to say, but I figured everyone in G1 would be badass and rock me but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I also noticed that there are less active matches. It’s taking much longer to find someone to play against.

Have all the good G1 people switched to another character and started over?

Unfortunately I’ll never get to see SG players as SSF is coming out and there’s no way I would make it there in a month anyway.

Joy and sadness!


Hey man,

Congrats on your progress. You will actually learn MUCH more by playing people you know or people who post on at thread of gamertags in invited player matches (not random ones). People in Championship mode have a LOT of bad habits that you will learn to counter, but will not be useful against a good player. Play player matches to learn matchups properly and you will find championship mode easier.

same here I just made it but the more I play…the more habits I tend to pick up…so I just retired and.Now I shall head back to my shell to SSFIV is out :slight_smile:

ps:nice job on making it,took me just as long too.

good job.

I recently made it to g1 too, about a month or two ago (i dont recall)

I got into g1 on a g2 final loss. I won by first two g1 matches, and I was still kind of a newbie with Chun. I had decided to stop playing ranked mode as a way to train with her because the competition was so bad.

Im definitely better because of the competition in G1, but dont be fooled, theres some people in G1 that deserve to go back to G2, that actually have a lot of GP.

Is this a joke or what?

You know what would happen if everyone created a new thread just to say “hey ma’, I got to g1” (which is piss easy by the way…)?

Damn…congratulations, I guess.

Congrats, I’m still in G negative infinity, but I made it into G-1 for Robot Unicorn Attack. So proud of myself.

G-Spot > G-1

I made it to G1 three days after getting a TE, after rebuying the game and not playing it for 3 months… needless to say Ive been getting beat down pretty hard… oh well.

I’ve set the objective to myself to reach G1 before Super lands. I don’t know why, as I don’t really care about Championship mode and about 70% of my 3000 online matches are probably Player Match, as I prefer it since I can play several matches against people in my friend list with no downtime, as opposed to having to wait 1-5 minutes between Ryu player 6856984390 and Ryu player 43598590580. But I feel it’s something I gotta do before I put good 'ole SFIV to pasture.

I hadn’t touched the game in about a month, and I’m still learning a stick. And overall, I feel** it’s just a tedious grind**. I don’t get much time to play so I only get 3-4 hours per week, tops. Even winning about 75% of my matches, it’s taking forever. I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to make it.

Plus this scenario is really common and, while kinda amusing at first, has gotten really old by now:

I just sigh and go along with it, but I’m gonna start seeing Ryu in my breakfast cereal if I keep playing CM at this rate. Like, I know people complain all the time about the Ryu army and all, but I never thought it’d be this bad. I have fought more Ryus in the past two weeks than the entire cast combined. If anything, I think G1 is making me a **worse **player because instead of being forced to learn match-ups, I feel I’m just memorizing certain gimmicky patterns people abuse online. And I’ve gotten pretty good at it, except that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten any better at the game.

Just hope there’s better variety in the player base in Super. I am really looking forward to Endless Battle; if the implementation is as good as the multi-player lobbies in HDR, I might never even touch ranked / CM in SSFIV.

in my experience, i havent found Ryu to be nearly as common in g1 as he was in g2.
i might be unique, but im g3 it was all ken, g2 all ryu, and g1 is fairly diverse

Every phase of online ever. I ground to G2 on the PC version tonight, and literally the only thing different is that the scrubs did the same shit faster. The average SF4 player is the equivalent to game modes of Atari 2600 games.

After spending most of my time in playermatches, i honestly thought there was an upper limit to how far you could refine online scrub faggotry. Evidently there isn’t.

Ultimately Online hinders you because there are so many tactics that work online that don’t offline. For instance, online you can generally spam the blanka ball and not get punished for it. Offline good players know your ball attack is actually quite vulnerable and can punish repeated spam with SRKs or other moves like that. Heck even a c.LP is enough to knock Blanka out of it, but it is hard as hell to time with lag.

Generally the moves that can’t be punished on block work online which kills a lot of the upper level of the game.

Like Tiger Knee being safe on block followed by a Tiger Uppercut

I’m curently boosting my friend to G1 so he can get some half decent practice before ssf4 comes out. Started in g2-d wednesday, should be done tuesday.

Back when G1 was fresh, it was extremly cutthroat. Nowadays not so much, but still a world apart from g2…

I will never forget my first 15 matches in G1 and Im not kidding when I say this 14 Ryus and 1 Rufus.
On another note, if you have no way to play local matches do what you can in your area to beef up the scene.
What I did was post on a local forum that I will be having matches at my place, about 15 people showed up and now its pretty much a weekly deal.
You will be suprised at just how bad you are offline when your good online.
Take the time to get your local scene built up before SSF4 shows up, so that you can hit the ground running.
Then you can compete in tournaments and thats where the real fun is at.

Good job making it to G1, practice your matchup with Ryu as there is going to be a whole lot of em.

Prepare to play Shoto Fighter 4!


I got to g1 about 3 months ago. As soon as I got to g1, I switched to Ranked Match and never looked back. I like Ranked match because I get a better variety of player. In my opinion anyway. . .

The skill level of Rank is by far much lower than Championship mode. And as for variety, it’s pretty much the same because I played a few Ranked matches just for the hell of it, still Ryus after Ryus.

And Tiger Knee is safe on block if spaced properly. Online or offline.

Implying you can learn anything about playing well by playing online.