Finally picked up a pencil

It’s been too long since I’ve poked my head in here. I’ve barely picked up a pencil for the past year but I figure I’m not doing myself any favors by not practicing

I wanted to give him a pair of rocky spines coming out of his back that would open and have energy wings coming out of them, but I came up with that idea when I was pretty much done with the rest of pic so I didn’t have room to fit it in and what little did fit didn’t look right :sad:

The original idea behind the faceless was supposed to be people with warped bodies and white, featureless masks. But, having a blank mask looked akward

After finally getting around to playing Warhammer: DoW, I sat down to draw one of the Orks. Somehow it turned into this

hrmm, Jojo syndrome? lol, kidding aside, bodies are on the right track, try to adjust your faces though,… i suggest using the ol’ infamous guide lines (ala longitude/latitude), they do help a lot

Hell, may as well put 'em here instead of whole new topic

Id hate to see your nightmares JERUS lol.

good drawings man.

They’re quite Silent Hill-esque to me. Is that the inspiration for the faceless critters? :smiley:

The witch may or may not be I-no inspired.

My dreams are actually pretty boring :frowning:

Can’t remember what I was thinking when I drew them, but Silent Hill’s been on my mind lately, so that’s probably it

Yep :slight_smile: