Finally played Chronicles of Mystara


My girlfriend, our friend, and I just played through D&D: Tower of Doom on the big screen using a bunch of 360 TE sticks and it was a blast. I’m glad the fighting game community made arcade sticks so popular that it’s super easy to get an arcade experience at home.


Wow cool story



Elf = waifu


SoM Thief best waifu


Yup it is a classic for sure. Try Battle Circuit if you ever get a chance…


King of Dragons > DnD




Lol, yeah okay…the SoM is basically King of Dragons on steroids…well at least you didn’t say knights of the round…


Shadows over Mystara>Tower of Doom>>>Knights of the Round>Warriors of Fate>King of Dragons.


Knights of the round was better in a lot of ways but king of dragons had more diversity.

That being said we need more games like this, DFO and Dragon’s Crown are all we need to look at to know that these type of games are still popular.


Thanks for the suggestions about other games to try. I’m pretty much going through MAME stuff otherwise. One of my favorite games was a vector title called Omega Race, but it requires a spinner. I should probably get a reproduction and build a panel or something.


Cleric for life!!!


Wizard was OP in King of Dragons.

Wizard for life.


He was op in SoM lol…but fuck him…THIEF FOR LYFE!!!


Still waiting on the ballroom bums “scene”

“Finally took a shower!!”


I thought THIEF was OP too?


Everyone is broken once you’re able to purchase Large Burning Oils. However, some characters are definitely more usable than others.

Solo: Dwarf>Elf>Wizard>Fighter>Cleric>Thief

Teams: Wizard>Elf>Dwarf~Cleric>Fighter>Thief

The Thief has neither blocking nor spells, meaning she struggles hard in certain portions of the game, specifically in boss fights.


Apparently I was playing wrong. Poor thief.


Dragon’s Crown feels like if the D&D games were made in the modern era. I could very probably play that game forever.


Yeah thief takes the most skill but she makes up for it by being able to steal and open chest. Plus she is the most fun, I rather play her than say the fighter.