Finally put my Real PS2 > PS3/PC adapter to use

I don’t have a PS3 but I do have a PC, heck I’m on it right now >.>; Umm yeah, it was automatically recognized and “almost” ready to use as soon as I plugged it in. But there’s one problem, the buttons are assigned to the wrong keys and I need to remap it. I’m just asking here first in hopes of a solution while I google it.

Whenever I use mine I always have to use the program (emulator) settings to configure the buttons, I don’t know if it’s the right way it’s supposed to be done but most of the time it works except for the DC emu i recently tried. I always end up fighting with it until it ends up working LoL

I’ve noticed… in Windows…

Button 1 = Triangle
Button 2 = Circle
Button 3 = Cross
Button 4 = Square
Button 5 = L2
Button 6= R2
Button 7 = L1
Button 8 = R1
Button 9 = Select
Button 10 = Start
Button 11 = L3
Button 12 = R3

No matter what converter I chose… this is always how it is. Thankfully, all the games I play have their own built in controller config screens… I dont get why everyone always touts the use of JoyToKey… you dont ever need it.

That’s pretty much true. You only need JoyToKey for things that don’t support controllers, like nullDC, and the occasional PC game you might want to play on a controller.

I have Joy2Key but only the joystick seems to be recognized and am able to configure it. I don’t know how to configure the buttons on my arcade stick.

Does GGPO have the ability to let you configure buttons? When on Mame or whatever, I normally use the game’s own configuration options.

You need it when using the REAL adapter for melty blood but only in online play with Mbcaster. The buttons still work but the joystick POV needs to be remapped to keyboard buttons. In offline mode it doesnt matter it accepts the stick perfectly with the adapter

Bleh, I always overlook the basic stuff. There’s control configuration in GGPO also.

nullDC now supports joysticks, btw.