Finally started playing

Hi… I finally started playing 3s this week, and am having a pretty good time, playing Yun and Akuma, and some Hugo, but mainly just Akuma, and wanted to know some things…

When should you be parrying instead of blocking? I’m just doing the following-
fireballs :rolleyes:
predictable pokes
almost any move by Hugo/Q

Is that about right? Once the match gets going fast, I do it less, but I try and do all of those right now… should I be blocking any instead?

Also, can someone tell me exactly why Chun and Ken are so good? mp -> super? O_o just wondering. I don’t really like either of them, so I didn’t know.

… yes. walk into the light, my friend.

why ken and chun are good? normal moves are effective and have priority. links take off huge chunks of energy. and lastly their supers can retaliate some blocked moves. don’t be discouraged. they can be beaten.

when to parry? well, that’s a judgement call. i usually parry if i know i can, if i’m about to be chipped to death, or if the opponent is just too damn predictable. obviously you don’t want to parry random moves just for the sake of parrying… unlesss you have diago’s reactions. be like the japanese (eccept you know who) and play it safe. oh yeah, i hear mopreme never parries.

akuma was my first character too. hard to let to go. fun to play with. check rockafeller’s tier list for the character’s advantages and disadvantages for your curiosity.

Well, I’m new to it, but why do Ken’s normals outprioritize Ryu’s? Sorry for the newb questions, but just wondering. Anyway, I like Genei-Jei? (sp) with Yun… that shit is more fun than A-Groove on CvS2… I’m going back and forth with him and Akuma… having a lot of fun. Basically, I’m trying to change all my AAs into just parrying into a combo/special…

What are the B&Bs with Akuma (most effective?) I will be checking Akuma’s forum, but just wondering. I’ve just been using the basic fierce xx fierce fb… c.lks into spin kicks, dive kicks into c.rh, and shit like that… :frowning:

Ken has duck Strong. Ryu does too.
What does Ken have? SA3 from a duck Strong link (in the arcade, nice window of opportunity). Actually, SA3 has so many different combo opportunities and links from it.

Ken’s Standing Roundhouse is great, too. I use it randomly here and there…you’d be surprised how many times you hit people out of their moves/attempts.

Ryu’s a bit more…methodical. Ken’s game can be quite aggressive and fast-paced. His EX’s are great. His various funky kicks have their uses. Kara’ed Jap DP is TOO good. Ken is just a beast.

Akuma’s b&b? I use duck Forward, short HK, Fierce DP. :confused:
duck short, duck jab, duck short, SA1 works wonders.

bah. shotos…:stuck_out_tongue:

Been playing with Ken… he is nuts… seriously, it’s crazy. links so well it’s crazy…

you can link into super with Ken?? I cant even do that

Ken is crazy with SA3, stand mp(the long one) link super, UOH link super, back-mk link super (when opponent is hit while crouching) even the toward roundhouse will link into super.

Hit ppl with ex hurricane kick in the air and follow up with whatever, that shit is painful.

Akuma’s B&B… KINGDOM beat me to it, I also find his roundhouse hurricane very useful, u can even use it on wake up, even if the opponents block there isnt much he can do. Also know to mix up the demon flips, slide, dive kick, or good old throw.
Akuma will kill most of the low tiers especially slow movers like Hugo or Q.
Akuma takes most damage in the game, but I think u already know that :slight_smile:

Once u get the basics down, learn a few ragin demon set ups then ur Akuma will be really deadly.

I beg to differ.

Hugo would only need to hit Akuma like 3 times to win. Of course I’m exaggarating but it’s actaully that bad.

Q? You must’ve playing against crappy Q players :wink: Although Akuma would need to rush Q down, or else Q’ll get taunts in and it’s a walk in the park for Q.

Crouching forward with Ken into super is a late cancel, not a link. Q may be a low tier character, but his shoto matchups aren’t bad at all for him(Excepting ken, his cross up dominates Q). I can’t remember the last time I lost to an Akuma player with Q. There are only a few key points the Q player has to take advantage of. First off, pick Critical Combo as your super art. Now Akuma can’t try to sweep you(blocked sweep = free CC for Q), or do the annoying red fireball thing when you are waking up(CC goes right through fireballs). If he still tries to sweep you, the CC will hit Akuma crouching and do 50% damage. Obviously a big point with Q are the taunts, get them early, who cares if you eat a sweep or a fireball in the process, since Q doesn’t have to finish the taunt to get the defense bonus. Last but not least, Q’s kara throw is dominator. Average parry skills required. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think Hugo can even touch a good Akuma 3 times in a round.
and I rarely see Q beating Akuma, either ur Q is too good or my akuma is haha.

Antoine, I’ll play your Akuma with my Hugo :smiley:

What?! I’ll rock u with anybody.


Ya, the is really easy to link to SA3 I thought? That is what I hear, and it’s what I’ve been using… into my mixup game, and link it easy. I’m using Akuma/Ken/Yang, but mainly Ken/Akuma… Akuma is my favorite, but I like Ken a lot. Yang is fun as hell, too O_O! I don’t usually go for shotos, but in this game, they are fun o_o. So, I’m working with Akuma/Ken more right now. I’m finding it hard to get in with Ken, though. I’m using a lot of c.hp into fireballs and spin kicks with Ken, and for Akuma, whatever into fierce dp xx SA1. Is there any way to use the dive kick for Akuma really well? Does it combo into I saw the CPU do this once, and I never tried it. Also, the demon slip or whatever into the dive kick, is that useful? =\

As Streak said, low forward XX Shippu isn’t a link, it’s a cancel. Low forward doesn’t give you frame advantage on hit, so you have to cancel the animation before it finishes or it won’t combo at all.

I thought it was a cancel, then read his post, and thought he said it was a link. Why the fuck does it matter?.. I know what they both are, but why does it matter in my strategy of the game…? It’s pointless.

There is a huge different between a link and a cancel.
A cancel is the 2 in 1s we see everyday since beginning of street fighter, low mk into hadoken or standing fierce into an uppercut.

A link is doin one move, and when its animation finishes, u do another move and if the opponent hasnt recovered from the hitstun, it will combo.

In this case a link is something u can do, see it hits, then super, much more difficult, and something u must know in hi-level of play.

with ken its all about dashing too… i see ppl just parrying fireballs for fun or something, coz they dont so shit, i always parry and dash in, gives me a bit of ground :slight_smile: that way u can get closer… and with ken u need to learn this:

in corner: mp, hp, lp shoryuken, lp shoryuken u can connect them both :slight_smile: its fkn mad and if someone jumps in and u parry it and shes pretty high use ur lp shoryuken x2 too, it might connect, always try it

Ugh… I KNOW what a link is, and I KNOW what a cancel is, and I’m well aware of aspects of both. How does that change the fact that after, I can do SAIII and combo? It doesn’t. I was saying it isn’t relevant to the combo.

Yes, link or cancel you can still combo Shippu after cr. mk no matter what, on the surface.

But it IS relevant to the combo, you should understand this. “cr. mk cancelled into Shippu” and “ link into Shippu” refer to different combos. If were linkable, you could perform the super later and would probably get more verification time. It would also make a frame advantage difference if your opponent were standing or crouching. But linking into Shippu simply doesn’t work -Ken would be truly SICK if it did, actually.

I’m sure you already know this but the difference is important because some moves cannot be cancelled, yet they can still link into something else (e.g. Dudley’s toward hk overhead into super). Therefore using correct terminology is quite necessary here.

It’s also relevant to the thread because you’re misleading people by calling it a link by mistake (see AneurysmX’s post “you can link into super with Ken?? I cant even do that”). I just re-stated the difference because you still called it a link even after reading Streak’s post. AneurysmX probably did the same because it didn’t look like you knew the difference from your posts.

It’s not really a big deal but if you do know the difference between a link and a cancel, please just make sure you’re using the right terminology next time. You’re acting as if we were wrong for correcting you or something but surely you understand it can get really confusing when people use the wrong terms to refer to something.

I’m saying it doesn’t really need to be told, because it goes into it regardless. I didn’t mean link by link, I meant COMBOS into. I didn’t know it was such a big deal. I know a cancel loses frames from the first attack to complete the next…

Why would it make a difference if it was a link? It COMBOS very, very easily… so why would it make him better otherwise? If you land the attack, it still combos, regardless of time.

The reason I changed what I said is because people were confusing the fuck out of me. I know what each are, and I’ve played since WW, and I’m very aware of almost every aspect… I don’t need a tutorial, sorry. It could have been answered “it’s a cancel, not a link” instead of saying “I can’t even link it!” which I might have understood a little better.

It does combo easily, but that’s not really the point. The verification time difference can be quite important in games.

Late cancel into Shippu on reaction still takes solid reflexes, even Japanese tournament players miss it sometimes and either don’t do the super when it connects or do it even when it’s blocked (I’ve seen this firsthand).

Make it a link and the time to verify it hits before going into super would be so long that just about any scrub could do it 100% (kinda like Chun’s super on arcade). I suppose that’s also the reasoning behind Chun’s super becoming a link on the DC version. It still combos into it, but the more verification time you get, the easier it is to perform on reaction.

Ken is already like, the best character in the game, he doesn’t really need a linkable long range low poke that comes out in 7 frames. is already too good! :wink: