Finally upgrading the Matcatz SE

Yeah, Ive had it ever since SF4 came out, but was unsure whether I was going to stick with the games at the time. Marvel vs Capcom 3 has rolled around, and I think its time to ditch these stock parts.

Ideally I would like to get a TE, since I feel the SE case is a little small, but I dont really have $130 to spend on a stick, nor do I know how to swap all the innards into a new case.

I noticed that has Sanwa buttons and sticks, but I was unsure whether to get them from there or What do you guys recommend?

Go with lizardlick shipping is only like $2 via USPS while its 7.50 something on 2 buttons from the gameshark $12.50, while 2 from LL $7.51

I agree with Glock, 30 mm Sanwa buttons (snap-in or screw-in does not matter) are prefect drop in replacements for stock buttons
As for stick Sanwa JFL is the same stick is in the TE, and the SE have a cheap knock off version of the same thing.

Seimitsu buttons and sticks will work as well, there no right or wrong choice between Sanwa and Seimitsu, its like arguing Coke or Pepsi.

So remember 30 mm buttons and as long as the stick accepts the 5 pin wiring harness your good to go.