FINALROUNDBATS Vol.3 (Tokyo, Japan) (2010.07.19)


Date: Monday, July 19th, 2010 (It’s a holiday!)
Time: 4:00pm ? 10:00pm
Location: SKY LOUNGE (37th Floor Bay Crest Tower)
Street: 3-9-33 Konan Minato-ku
City/Town: Tokyo, Japan

Come be a part of ultimate video gaming tournament party history! Team EMS proudly presents FINALROUNDBATS (JAPAN)!

That?s right! Video Games, Pizza and Beer! As usual, we will party and play games but this time we will run a special SSFIV tournament during the regular Tokyo Pizza Club Party.

The proceeds from the Finalroundbats? tournament donations will go towards the winners? round-trip ticket to Atlanta Ga for Final Round XIV 2011!

Party Fee: ¥2,000 (Food, Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Room Fee.)
You are more than welcome to bring your own liquor as long as you are 20 years old.
Tournament Donation Fee: ¥1,000 per entry.

*This is a BYOC: Bring Your On Controller tourney or use the ones that we have.
*No turbo buttons. You will be DQ automatically.
*No Multiple Button Mapping. You will be DQ automatically.
*No Pausing during the match. You will be DQ automatically.
*Switching characters during the tournament is permitted.
*All Matches are Single Elimination until the Grand Final which is the best 2/3.
*FR Ranbats Points:
1st = 10pts
2nd = 7pts
3rd = 5pts
4th = 3pts
5th = 1pts thanks for coming! LOL
*1p ? 2p sides will be Decided by: Paper, Rock, Scissor.
*All Characters allowed!
*PS3 SSFIV only.

The Current FINALROUNDBAT Time table (as of 2010.04.30):
3:45 Sky Lounge is open
4:00 set up/registration
5:00 tourney play
7:00 pizza break
8:00 rest of tourney play and casual match if time permits
9:55 Party Eject!

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave us a message here. (English or Japanese is OK!)

FINALROUNDBATS Point Standings as of (2010.07.15)

  1. Abelity - 17
  2. Tokido - 10
  3. Forgenjuro - 8
  4. Sosuhi - 5
  5. Jude - 5
  6. Miguel - 4
  7. Bull410 - 4
  8. RBJakeSpecial - 2
  9. Scott Popular - 2
  10. Checko - 1


P.S.: Please Come Dress Freshly! We will be taking a lot of pictures and recording parts of the tournament for a DVD. - Home of the Southeast U.S. Fighting Game Scene!
Digital Frontier Plus | -Pictures from FRB01- -Pictures from FRB02-

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