Finals day etiquette?


First time at Evo, and I’m pretty hype!!! However I’m rolling solo, which is a bit of a concern especially on finals day. I’m planning on getting there early to get a decent seat, but without a crew to save it for me, I’m worried that the first sign of having to take a piss or going to get some food real quick, I’m going to be stuck at the back.

so my questions:

  1. what time do folks get there normally to get a decent seat?

  2. are people generally cool with saving your seat if you have to get some food/take a bathroom break?

  3. anything else I need to know regarding finals day to make it enjoyable?



Get there at least an hour or 2 early. Yes, but its better with friends. Also finals is better while intoxicated ahahahaha


best suggestiom for saving a seat

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make friends with people around you, and hurry your ass back after you get done doing what you had to do!