Financial District/Downtown Manhattan

Anyone downtown interested in getting a SF4 session going? I’m not that good so I’d like to get a level up session sometime in the next few days. I’d offer to host, but my apartment is pretty small. If it’s just a couple of us, we might be able to do my place. Feel free to reply or send me a PM.

Why don’t you go to Chinatown Fair?

I do, but I’d like to get a console session going…

I work near Tribeca. I would be down after work. my 'Rog needs work!

im down with this. always fun to have some sessions


Anyone else interested in getting a session going? This week is a no go for my place, my girl is taking the bar this week, doubt she wants to hear a bunch of nerds playing SF while she studies lol.

If we could get someone to host that would be cool, otherwise, maybe next week we can do a session at my apartment.

Console sessions are necessary for the broke, console mainers. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll keep tabs on this. Might be able to host one day… maybe.

Will keep tabs also. I subscribed to this thread


Would be hilarious to get it hosted at Barclay Rex. Sit in those leather seats with cigars and pipes, bashing on the arcade stick.

or perhaps the Brandy Library…

i’m in the financial district and i need to level up as well. i’d host, but to be honest i rather get to know people first lol.

Yeah, I would probably want to know who’s coming over my place also. We can always do a meet-up at CTF. I’m down to head to CTF over the weekend. I’ll probably be going today (Friday, 7/31), around 3 or 4 if anyone wants to meet up. I might be going to the tourney also tomorrow at 2pm if nothing comes up.

I’ll probably stop by the CF tourney, but I won’t stay for the whole thing. Weekdays I’m usually not free until late evening, but weekends are good to go.

hahah . i was just there between 4-5 after the markets closed! i prob def stuck out among the kids…

i’m down if someone is hosting in the city. i can bring beer. =D

met up with ridedc, we actually live not too far from each other. as long as none of you guys look disheveled, i’m okay with hosting a small group of people on the weekend or like after 7-8 on a weekday.