Financially Sound Dilemma: Unemployment Checks Vs. Miminum Wage (CA 2010)?

if you’re strapped for cash (bills, changes in life, etc), what would you do?

Unemployment checks generally match 80% of your previous pay check and this way it gives you time to focus on other priorities (i.e. school). Lots of free time.

Or stick it out and live off of $8+ / hour? Average 15-20 hours per week, so a 4 week month about 480-ish, complete with odd hours, stress, bullshit retail jobs, seeing family less, etc.

So Californians, and other US folk, which one would you pick?

unemployment if you qualify. And why can’t you get better than a minimum wage job? plenty of entry level positions pay better

I’d say unemployment, especially if you haven’t ran any extensions yet. I don’t see why anybody would work like $8 an hour over unemployment, really. No guaranteed hours, less days, the stress and time is just not worth it. Even people that could get paid slightly better than unemployment are still siding with unemployment in the long run.

this is why all states should require you to take these $8/hour jobs and supplement the money to get you to 80% instead of just giving you the money

or require you to work help rebuilding our infrastructure at least 20 hours a week to qualify for unemployment

Seeing as how i’m the type of person that wants to stay busy working, I option for the minimum wage job. Hell I would take two minimum wage jobs vs. just collecting unemployment.


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You could always just collect unemployment checks and work under the table.

I was on unemployment last year for 3 months when I was in between jobs. I wish I could say that I got to enjoy the money, but the only reason that I filed was because I couldn’t get out of my apartment lease and still owed them $3000 even though I had already moved out. It’s nice to be able to use unemployment when you absolutely need it, but leaning on it is just lazy.

Plus, most people don’t choose to have taxes taken out of their unemployment and end up getting raped during tax season. Just get a goddamn job that’s more than minimum wage, it’s really easy contrary to popular belief.

Unemployment is that the way to go. I remember two years ago I was on unemployment and a friend hook me up with a restaurant jobs that pay cash instead of check. I save nearly 15 grand from getting unemployment and of course I choose to have taxes taken out of my check.

I wish i can do unemployment

unemployment 100%

Out here the max you can get is 320 without taxes being taken out. I wish I lived in a state where you got 80% of your pay.

Out here the max you can get is 320 without taxes being taken out. I wish I lived in a state where you got 80% of your pay.

Current i am getting 406 a week for doing nothing but job hunting :slight_smile:

Which is more than i make working. Hell, thats like 2 weeks pay

im not happy with it though. :frowning: Its nothing compared to what i used to make

Was getting 430 when I was on, I think that’s the max you can get out here.

i would do the unemployment checks

question : if you’re on unemployment checks and the next year you file your taxes, don’t you own them back like crazy amount of money?

I would rather get a job.

Get a career it’s better.

You should definitely forget about working and live off the public trough. That’s how fucked up economic systems are fixed.