Find a practice Friend to train with Thread!


I saw this sort of thing a lot back when I was playing starcraft. Seems like most of you guys could wipe the floor with me, and the fastest way to get better at this sort of thing is fight someone who is gonna stomp you, a lot.

So this thread is a place for people to openly state that they either want help or are willing to provide it to play some online matches. List your location (for lag purposes), team (so others can teach or learn from your characters if that’s what they’re looking for), if you feel you are qualified to teach or wish to learn, and gamertag.

Shats299 (PSN)
Wesker, Task, Mags
Trying to do some serious learnings, but I am also willing to teach some very basic stuff like basic BnB’s and OTG action/assists to beginners.

EDIT: Also, can’t figure out where the option is to change your avatar… That team is my old one. Can anyone help with that?


Not really, all you need is ambition, take more risk to the point it becomes easy. The difference between a player and a turtle is that the player took off the shell. Too bad your on PSN though.


Settings at the top right of your screen.


This would belong in the appropriate XBLA or PSN forum. Otherwise half the people reading the thread don’t care about half the messages. =\