Finding a Cab


Ok, I’ve always wanted my own cab, so I call on you guys for help (yet again).
What would be the best option? Ideally is a real MvC2 cab but I sure they’re probably very pricey.
So price range what would be the best option?


Dreamcast, Then Xbox. Then PS3. Then PS2. Then (if you can DL it onto a computer). Then a Cab. Houston, TX. Cheapest Cab and Board is a G. Good luck. It’s addicting. I went from 8 cabs to 20 in less than a month. They may not be in the best shape but I can alway’s clean them up.



the actual arcade (naomi) hardware will run probably ~$350 for the motherboard, cart, and capcom i/o. then you’ll want a hi-res cab to play it on, but can get by with low res. that can be anywhere between $50 and $1000.

if you’re OK with a dream cast NOT on VGA mode, you can probably put a woodie american cab together with a DC for like $200.


where should I start looking? I’ve tried ebay/craigslist


you are in california so finding a cab should be cheap and easy ,*also-giving-away-free-vinyl-12-a-252999/ or these they come up all the time


if you just want a woodie cab, just keep watching craigslist. i forgot you’d need a jamma conversion box for a DC as well if you aren’t gonna use a VGA monitor though.


thanks for your help


what do you guys think about me just finding so blueprints building the wood part and using an xbox for internals


Custom Vewlix

search engine would help you a lot in your search. you got a shit ton of threads to find info for what you want to do…

it would cost you a lot less to just buy one than to make it unless you already have some type of pro set up.


i shudder for posting this but…

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is it frowned apon or what?


This. You are in California. There is probably a damned Astro City on your Craigslist. :sad:


I scored both of my Cabs off of Craigslist. (Nintendo R-Type Cab -100$, and a Generic Dynamo 19" Cab with Street Fighter Art- 65$). Just be patient and i guarantee a gutted cab will show up. Also, Check the interwebz for Game Machine Auctions around your area. They have a couple every year here in Florida. Like everyone else has said since your in California, you have a much better shot of finding a great cab out there…


Like kyle said calis a hot bed for candies since the containers all have to arrive in cali first. Check neo-geo.comthey pop up from time to time. There’s a member on there kapheen that sells them. Also send to see what he has in stock and how much it would be to ship to cali.


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i think if you can find a virtua tennis machine on craigslist, that might be your best/cheapest option at getting a hi-res monitor in a cab.


Hehe I bought one of those New Astro City cabs from FusionITR last week. Its in REALLY good shape. If the other one isn’t on hold still you should jump on it, especially if you are anywhere near Sacramento (not sure where Oceanside is, I’m guessing SoCal).

There is also a guy in San Jose that sources cabs and a friend of mine bought an Astro City from him. His email is I know that he has a BUNCH of Astros in a warehouse but he can get other types as well. He quoted me about $900 for an Atomiswave Sitdown (before shipping obviously).


It’s also worth noting that Ken runs trips back and forth from his place in Utah to LA as he has a warehouse there for his incoming goods. Ken’s a great seller, I know 4 or 5 people who’ve ordered from him and he has always been very up front and professional.


I’ve had some recent unseen expenses but luckily my arcade is selling a Marvel vs Capcom for 300!!