Finding a fighting game community in your area


For the past year or so I have been playing various fighting games (mainly Soul Calibur V and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3) online. I’m decent at both and I wanted to possibly start looking for people to play in tournaments or in casuals offline. I live in a rural area and no one in my immediate area really play fighting games a lot. At best I’ll get someone who button presses. I just was wondering if anyone could direct me to fighting game communities in my area. I live in Maryland but I can travel to surrounding areas like Virginia, Delaware, DC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. I don’t know if there is a forum or category for this already, I’m new to this site.


Check the regional boards, or Facebook…


Props to you at least willing to make the travels…


There’s 8wayrun regional matchmaking for SCV


I heard that you can find the fighting game community if you stop wasting my license


I think the scene around me is avoiding me.