Finding a Korean arcade stick

Anyone know where I can find one that is already pre-modded with good parts like Fanta or Crown?

Find? Like online? Shit nowhere. You either buy a standard one (not THAT bad believe it or not) or get someone like MKP to make you a custom. You’re only other option is to hope someone is selling theirs…

Putting a top-quality K-stick into a Saulabi is easy as hell, only requires screwdrivers.

there is a guy here by the handle blklightning that makes custom panels for TE’s and HRAP. It would take some effort to mod. has a the salaubi with generic clone parts that you can upgrade with crown and fantas. Get the ps2 one and use with convertors.

I got a saulabi modded out with good parts, problem is it started playing up after about 2 months of use. very annoyed, I think it’s because the sticks stock pcb is shit. I might see if I can get a real nice one custom made at some point.

This korean shit is best for games like Tekken imo.

The buttons however…yeah I think you know…

Thing is, it doesn’t really work with any PS2 converters… It only works with the soon to be discontinued X360.

For what system btw?

Joytron Xconverter 360 Plus

This thing.

I’ve tried a PS2 saulabi w/ both a Sumoto and an inPin to no avail.

Bottom line, you’re in for a lot of work no matter what.

The Saulabi is a great project stick IMO. If you can get your hands on an SE pcb, dual modding for 360 is pretty easy too.


The Gammac Fanta I got came with a USB wired port and I’ve been using it for Tekken 6 on the PS3 since I had gotten it. Before this I used a custom T5 10th anniversary with a tekken tag fanta stick in it. I couldn’t tell the difference between the stick that came with this one and my tekken tag fanta, either when playing or when looking at them. I read someone complained about the button type, but I really do not understand the difference between these buttons and their preferred buttons, nor do I remember this person’s exact complaint. I like the wide, heavy box much more than the Saulabi. The Saulabi’s come with a ‘leaf’ switch stick, which sucks, but can easily be swapped out with another one if you order it from Laugh, if that guy is still around.

Buy Fanta Stick (Windows PC & PS3) -

Also, the Fanta stick I am referring to clicks with four, solid gates as contacts to the stick’s base, as opposed to the rubber contacts I suppose.

Here. I know HanKuma uses one of those. Should be Sanwa buttons and Myoungshin Fanta stick. I just didn’t a way to order one, maybe you have more luck.

Actually if the OP has an hrap or a Madcatz TE, then mounting a fanta using one of my panels is easy peasy

Nice, forgot about your panels. That may work if he has one available.


Yea i dont know if he has one or not because i havent seen a post from him since he started the thread


Why has Ryan not told me of this??? What the hell is it saying? Does it work with PS3/360 out of the box, or with that sorry-ass converter? Either way I’m practically sold.

Someone tell me how much that is in U.S. dollars.

That looks pretty boss.

I’m guessing PS2 with converters included?

At the current exchange rate: $110.18

A couple of things to mention:

The stick appears to be wireless, with there being a wired base that plugs into the various system it supports. The reason I say this is there is a slot for a 9V battery in the stick casing, which, considering there is no LED’s anywhere on the stick, I have to assume it’s to power the stick itself.

It appears to support Japanese, not Korean buttons. If you wanted to use Crown buttons in this, you would need to use 203Cs, and buy them separately. The buttons appear to be Sanwa, although nothing on that page supports that theory, so the buttons could very well be knockoffs.

The stick itself is a Myoungshin Fanta, and I highly approve of it.

We need laugh to tell us more about that stick, it looks really good.

EDIT: Could the battery be used to power vibration or something? I remember that Gamac stick (I think thats how its spelled anyway) had a vibration option for the buttons. I don’t know who in their right mind would want that but maybe its a thing over there.

Read my edit. It looks good, but I saw a couple causes for concern. It could be nothing, and be a great stick, but I wanted to forewarn people before they were to have it imported and it be awful.

If anyone does want to look into buying it (and is willing to pay the shipping), you could check Gmarket. There may be a seller that ships international. But you’ll need to use IE on Windows to buy from there – Most Korean e-commerce sites that deal with Koreans can only properly interface with Windows IE.

EDIT: Looks like you did. I couldn’t see anything that hinted at vibration, but I’ll double check it to see.

DOUBLE EDIT: It is wireless. The pitch around the battery compartment says something along the lines of “Battery Compartment to provide hours of wireless play.”

And on further glance, those are either AA or AAA battery slots.

Well that sucks. It looks like a pretty nice stick but wireless is a major drawback for me and most players I’d assume.