Finding a location for weekly meetups

Hey everyone. So recently my scene has fallen upon some hard times and now we are without a place to go for weekly casuals. The scene has kind of regressed and now people are just playing online or at random spontaneous meetups. Without a location for WNF the scene isn’t very focussed and it’s hard for people to practice.

I’ve thought about hosting something at my university, but the issue is that the vast majority of participants wouldn’t be students, which could lead to problems getting equipment signouts/space rentals as well as lead to complications in getting the group approved.

I’ve looked online for some other suggestions and I can’t find anything. Can anyone suggest a good place for meetups?

I think step one would be going to regional matchmaking, and seeing if anybody else out there has the same idea as you.

Once you get the people organized, and have all of their contact info, then start looking for locations.

Any place can work as long as its spacious, and can accommodate a LOT of electrical outlets. A university is a great place to host it, since it usually fulfills all of these needs. I would work out exactly how bad these problems are for rental and equipment sign-outs before you give up on it. You could look into community centers, city hall areas, hotels, people’s houses, a church, there’s no end to the possibilities. If you have one of those game centers in your area (the ones where you can play consoles/computers for like $2/hour), those would be perfect for a meet-up since you already have all of the setups.

Alright, thanks a lot.