Finding a stick in canada help


Help finding a Stick in Canada
Hey, im pretty new to the fighting scene and im looking to get a stick. I live in canada and want to purchase a Stick. What i want is the Hori VX SA retails for 139.99 u.s
Ive checked amazon and ebay both sites after S&H end up being 200+ which is nuts.
even the Pro. EX-SE is like 136 and was released 2009.
Ebgames around here has a tekken 6bundle with a wireless hori stick. 60 bucks. i was thinking maybe and theres this one Joytron Paewang Revolution

… but i def need something other then this xbox controller.


depending on where you are, you might be able to find a TE stick in canada, just don’t try looking in toronto. Don’t get the tekken stick, i’d say it’s crap. And don’t cheap out, first stick i bought was the Hori EX-2 because i didn’t know better. it doesn’t matter when a stick was released, if it’s good stick, it’s hard to find it at a discount.


so no tekken got it… but what about this Joytron Paewang Revolution arcade stick? cant find any reveiws on it…


i wouldn’t get that either, it’s got knock off buttons and joystick, the only thing good about it is the PCB that’s compatible with xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


its either that or make your own or find a custom


These guys have TEs
Canada Cup Gaming - Arcade Sticks


Why not for the VX SA?

Real Arcade Pro VX SA: Computer and Video Games


or you can drop by heroes world if you’re in TO, they’ve got sticks that aren’t dick i think they have a vx or a v3 sa i dont’ remember


Yea, I think they’ve got a new stock of HRAP V3/VX SA available, barely used HRAP EX-SE($90), some T6 wireless sticks and limited TE sticks. TE sticks have been limited but from what I’ve seen from HW, their stock of HRAP V series have been selling like hotcakes for some reason(which is good lol). They also got a HRAPP EX VLX in stock as well.

The Femme Fatal stick is so sexy but sooooo rare now.


where’s is this heroes world located? i might stop by to look at their sticks.


hwy7 and warden in the plaza with the no frills and future shop


After this Saturday, omega is going to have like a bunch of hori sticks in stock…


When I get my new car I’ll show up one day…my current car would probably break down on the way there and cost 20 bucks in gas…lol.


Nope im in Nova scotia canada… i might go with the Xbox/ps3 duel one… and they never have any n stock always with the 1 or 2 month wait… i might give up lol kill zone here i come


hero world doesnt have jack on site grr… just check amazon again… i saw n a thread that etokki ships worldwide but cant find shiping rate to canada…


you could always ask a custom from finkle considering you’re in NS

a finkle custom is definitely much better than any standard stick in the market

here’s his site, be prepared to bleed cash though


That’s because the owner, Jon specializes in comics and other games(TCG, Warhammer, etc), he works with Hideyuki for video games and accessories from Omega Collectibles. If you have any questions, just post in the Heroes World thread or York Region Street Fighters thread found in the Canadian matchmaking section here.


You’re looking at $19-$27 (EMS is $42) for shipping the paewang to Canada, and the stick is not worth it except for the PCB. you could upgrade the joystick and buttons and then it would be good, just depends on how much you want to spend and how much you want to put work into it…

Mr. Mort is right… Finkle is THE MAN, and he’s in your backyard. You wont regret it


ive seen some omega stuff in the past… pricey… and this suite53 custom sticks probley cost both of my arms… pcb is pushing 100 after ship n handing,… better of throwing down another 80 n getting the hori vx sa…
can i get the hori vx sa to work on ps3? i bought the Turbo CROSS BATTLE XBOX 360 Controller Adapter For PS3 Turbo CROSS BATTLE XBOX 360 Controller Adapter For PS3 …so wonder if a stick will work