Finding a team in umvc3 and playing overall

ok so ive decided to give umvc3 a try and so far its frustrating me to death. Its fun to try combos in training mode but as soon as I get in a match I get destroyed. I’d admit that I know what i need to work on such as blocking and other things. the thing that im kinda stomped at is selecting a great team. I would pick 1 character I like then the other two is like ok now what? I dont get how I would come up with setups and other things.

What I like to do is simply play with everyone and see who I like and work from there, starting with characters I personally like. What characters are you interested in?

It can be really hard to find a good team in this game; I’ve been at it since Vanilla and I’m still having an identity crisis. If you have at least one character that you know you are definitely going to stick with, then you can hit the character forums and see what they need in terms of assists, and go from there…but really, you are just going to have to give it time and hope something clicks. Good luck.

My suggestion is to just go into Mission Mode and play with damn near everyone. That way you can see who’s combos you like, then you can try and build on that. As for assists, you can pick them based on their properties and who needs what. Say you pick Haggar as your Point character. Haggar needs a hand in getting in some, so a good beam assist character like Dr. Doom would be great for covering him while he tosses out his pipe of death. But what about that third character? Well, now you need someone who can help Doctor Doom while holding his own. Dr. Doom benefits well from Strider’s Vajra assist, and in the event you lose Dr. Doom, Strider himself can still wail on the best of them with level three X-Factor and his Ouroborus Level 3. There ya go, you now have a team.

So the thinking should go like this; Point Character to do damage and build meter, Character who can cover the point character in times of need, and Character who can hold his own while supporting both the Point and 2nd Character.

ok so far my best 2 chars are spencer and storm but I wouldnt know who to put in between those two.

Assuming Spencer will be your anchor, think about what the weakness of storm are and how you want to play her. Is there a particular part of the screen she can’t attack/control? Does she have trouble getting in? Do you want to get in or are you happy zoning and playing keepaway?

I don’t play storm so I can’t give you specific ideas, but what I did with Viper was this: she has trouble controlling the sj/area above her (where trish and phoenix like to be…>.<) --> dante w/ jam session; I like to play a more “laid back” rushdown viper ( wait–>punish–>stay on em, how I play her in SSF4 lol) but I sometimes have trouble getting in so I could use a beam assist such as doom or sentinel rockets + jam session if I want to lockdown my opponent for mix-ups and let them come to me.

Hope this helps!

For everyone looking for team building help.
Read Karsticles’ article on iplaywinner;
Good luck

yeah that helped out alot it gives me a good idea for controlling space.

Spencer/Storm/_______ is a very nasty team that can maul assists like butter with bionic arm -> ice storm. Storm’s whirlwind works well for supporting Spencer, and I think this is the direction you should be going towards. As for the 3rd character you can try Wesker (for easy OTG off Storm’s air throws and having a bastard as your anchor), Sentinel (very good DHC synergy with Storm, and Drones are terrfic for both Storm and Spencer), Taskmaster (for someone easy to use but still effective), and Ryu/Akuma (Tatsu works well for both Spencer and Storm, although not leaving meter for them will be a big issue).

I see where your going with it but so far ive come up with spencer,ghost rider,storm. but if it fails ill most likely pick up someone other than wesker i feel he is overused.