Finding an alt character for a Dan main

I know that may sound ridiculous, but I’ve been maining Dan since Vanilla. For, I believe, good reasons:

  • He makes me laugh, especially when backdashing away from an ultra or some other scary move
  • I like taunting, but I don’t want my opponents to think I’m being rude
  • It helps me try new things and not play conservatively, because I’m not afraid to lose a match
  • He fits my kind of playing. I don’t like zoning, I prefer mindgames/rushdown

I’m not strong, but I think Dan helped me get a sense of footsies. On the other hand, I’m getting frustrated at his poor normals, and I would like to try another character. Which leads me to two questions:

  • could anyone suggest a mindgames/rushdown character with better normals? Maybe a charge character so that I would easily distinguish its moves from Dan’s? Cammy seems to fit the “rushdown” type but I’ve never fought a Cammy that seemed “interesting” to play.
  • would you suggest having a main and an alt with a similar fighting style, or a completely different one?

Once there was an honorable martial artist of great talent whose gym was located within Shadaloo territory. One day his gym was attacked by Shadaloo henchmen led by the greatest fighter in the world at the time. The master was unafraid, defeated all the henchmen and faced off against their evil leader. He was killed, but he went down in a blaze of glory, taking his opponent’s eye with a mighty blow. Henceforth, the great Sagat would wear an eyepatch, a permanent testament to the bravery and skill of Go Hibiki.

Go had a young son, a boy by the name of Dan. Dan had no talent for martial arts at all. He was a likeable kid, goofy and playful who had stumbled through a few lessons his father in almost laughable ineptitude . Upon hearing of the death of his father, this inept lad was filled with anger. He sought a great Ansatsuken master, by the name of Gouken, and asked to be taught.

After only one day of lessons, Gouken could perceive the seething hatred in young Dan’s heart, and thus expelled him from the gym. The young boy found himself without a father, without a master and without the means or skill to seek justice.

His spirit, however, was not broken. Dan went to minor muay thai gyms and learned what he could. Soon enough he developed a hybrid form of ansatsuken/shotokan/muay thai which was specifically his own. With this style, he would take revenge. With this style, he would apply justice.

This was Saikyo.

Revenge however was just one part of the plan. More than just avenging his father, Dan wanted to keep his memory alive. Spread Saikyo to the world. So that his father would live on forever.

There is no alternate for Dan. By God, there is no alternate for Saikyo! It is not a fair fight. You did not have a super master teaching you mega fireballs. You did not have a billionaire father. No prodigious talent for you. No gigantic muscles, psycho power, special forces training.

All you have is Saikyo and your pink gi. Your taunts and your bravery.

By God man, you don’t just find an alternate for Dan. You step into that tournament knowing you might lose, you most likely will lose, but you do it anyway. Because one day, one day you might just land that Shisso Buraiken, throw your MadCatz on the ground, turn to face a crowd of thousands and shout the greatest words in Street Fighter history


Let me be clear: I’m not giving up on Dan :slight_smile: And by “alt” I don’t mean a character that I will pick for the bad Dan matchup (all of them are bad, anyway). Like they say, “to win without Dan is to triumph without glory”.

Oh. Oooh.

Try Rufus then.

I hate this forum.

Strong fanboyism, pretty common among Dan players.

chubbyfingerz that was one of the greatest posts I’ve ever read. I almost want to switch to Dan now. The underdog, he doesn’t have talent but he has moxy, enthusiasm. He is manly enough to wear pink and not be embarassed. His ponytail looks like it is from a bad 80s film, but he wears it with pride.

Don’t take it all so seriously gents! Just a little tongue-in-cheek Saikyo enthusiasm. :wink: But it ain’t Dan if there ain’t no tears and flair!

I see this more as roleplaying than fanboyism :slight_smile:

Rufus is a good suggestion, thanks! I never played him before, but I tried yesterday and I enjoyed it more than I expected.

Yeah this place is nothing more than a buncha roleplayers now. Time to bust out Capcom’s Dungeons and Dragons SF Edition. Gather 'round everyone. Ryuken bring out the costumes and makeup, chubbz you bring the rulebook.

Streets & Fists 3.5?

At any rate, I don’t really expect a Dan main to look for super competitive-oriented answers, otherwise you’d be maining someone else already. But, I just recommend someone with a different style who you like. I.e. a grappler, or a charge char, or something of the sorts. It’s kinda tough for other people to decide, esp. when your char choices seem more influenced by your personal preference than anything.

Dan Hibiki lvl.1 Ftr

Str: 14
Dex: 10
Con: 10
Int: 8
Wis: 6
Cha: 18

Thac0: 19
AC: 8

Hp: 7

Weapon proficiencies:

Unarmed ***
Staff *
Nunchaku *

Extraordinary abilities:

Gadouken (1d6-2 crushing damage)
Saikyo taunt (Opponent at -3 Thac0, save vs. spell for none)


  • 2 Pink gi of Saikyo

Magic tears of victory

Choose your own character