Finding competition around Los Angeles


I am not from the us but i want to make plans to go to Evo2013.
I have family in Los Angeles so i could go there and spend some time with them then travel to Vegas for evo.

While Im in LA i would like to play some matches there. Is there anyplace nearby were there are strong people to play against? Like i said, i am not from the us so i don’t know where any of the active scenes are so forgive me if this question sounds dumb.

Since I would be staying with family is should be able to be in LA for 2 or 3 weeks before evo so i would like to play against strong people while Im there. Don’t know if there is anyplace with flexible hours and a reasonably safe facility cuz i would probably want to stay there all day just practicing and stuff. I don’t get a chance to play against many strong people where i live and my internet is crap so i almost never play online. It would be a great opportunity to practice in a physical location against real people.



Wednesday Night Fights and the Runback at Super Arcade (Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively at 1211 North Grand Avenue, Walnut, CA 91789) are always good for competition, but there are a few other options and arcades as well.


oh sweet. i watch those stream all the time. I never knew where it was.
thanks for the reply
have any info on those other options?


Nothing as regular as the events at Super Arcade. I forgot to mention that they also run casuals on Fridays for $5 all night. It even comes with a drink.

There’s Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills, but they’re still working on a Tournament schedule, last I heard. Their address is 10363 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills, CA 91344. Generally you can go a weekend and find people to play. More of a Third Strike / Marvel 2 crowd than anything, but they do have SSF4:AE, uMvC3, and the lot.

The trick with LA is that it’s a pretty damn large area. Walnut is about an hour from Granada Hills, as an example.


Around what times do Wednesday Night Fights and the Runback start? and when do they end?


Casuals start around 7pm, tourneys start around 9pm, and they usually end pretty late, depending on how early and fast they run through the schedule. Usually the tourney ends anywhere from 1am-3am. Tournaments are rarely ever started precisely on time.


Thanks for the info. I also want to know if there is a way to rent controllers/sticks for WNFs. My friends and I only play on ps3 and none of us own a 360 controller atm.


Um, no, but if you ask nicely, someone will probably let you borrow their stick.