Finding EVO dvd's?


Apologies in advance if this question sounds absurd, but I have checked the forum and can’t seem to find an answer. Chalk it up to being a new member.

Anyway, I love watching tournament matches and wanted to buy some of EVO’s dvd’s but I can’t find a way to purchase them. The “order page” ( doesn’t have a link to purchase the dvd’s. Where can I buy 2k5 and 2k6?

Am I missing something fundamental?


95 people have viewed this thread and no answers. This is a legit question right?


I was going to answer yesterday but I was too lazy lol. Yes you are absolutely right, for some reason that site doesn’t have any Paypal links to order the Evo2k6 DVDs. It used to though so I don’t know why they were taken out. And Evo2k5 DVDs were released on torrents so those you can get from other people that have them.


The Evolution 2004 DVD are no longer sold.
The Evolution 2005 DVD were released by torrent.

I can burn you my copies of Evolution 2004 and 2005 DVD’s if you want them. Please note that I do not have a copy of Evolution 2004’s Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution DVD. It was not included when I purchased them for some reason. I am doing this free of charge as long as you are not living outside of the United States, due to shipping charges. Of course, we can always do a trade as well. Do you have anything interesting in your collection?

The Evolution 2006 DVD’s are still being sold, I think, so I will not be burning them.


much obliged Taiping. I live near Los Angeles CA, and if you would be willing to burn 2k4 and 2k5, I would be more than happy to cover shipping. I really don’t have anything of value to trade for it, as I just recently started getting into pro fighting games.

Hopefully 2k6 will come up soon. I’ll send you my information later this week. Thanks again pal.


You don’t have to cover for the shipping as long as the cost does not exceed $20, which I doubt it would. If it does, I would like it to be a trade; things such as PC/PS2 games, movies, and Cantonese dramas would work as well. When it comes to cash, things always (usually) gets messy, which is why I do not like to mess with them. Also, the Evolution 2006 DVD’s had already been released.


TaiPing if its not to late can I get a copy of 2004 & 2005 evo and I can cover shipping if that’s cool with you?


I have the EVO 2k4 VF DVD, but i don’t have the whole 2k5 set maybe we can make some trade… i live in reynosa, mexico tho but i can get an address in the USA…


TaiPing & sir_arthur_06

Its posible to send me a copy for evo 2k4dvds?, i live in Mexico City, and of course i cover the shipping charges.



I don’t have the copies with me. I’ll be going back to my house on the 28th to get them. Though, me father is coming up to visit me this weekend, I’ll ask if he can find them and bring it with him.

Also, since so many people wants the copies, instead of sending me money, send me the DVD’s to burn them. I simply do not have enough DVD’s and I don’t want to mess around with money. Unless we are doing a trade of course, then I’ll supply the DVD’s myself.

sir_arthur_06, since we are doing a trade, you don’t have to send me DVD’s. Also, don’t worry about the shipping for Reynosa, I want the Evolution VF4 DVD. :wgrin: Give me a PM of your mailing name and address.


Evolution 2004 DVD Breakdown: 7 DVD’s in total!

  • Marvel vs Capcom 2
  • Capcom vs SNK 2
  • Super Turbo and Third Strike
  • Guilty Gear XX
  • Tekken 4
  • Tekken Tag
  • Soul Calibur 2

Evolution 2005 DVD Breakdown: 4 DVD’s in total!

  • Marvel vs Capcom 2
  • Capcom vs SNK 2 and Super Turbo
  • Third Strike
  • Guilty Gear XX # Reloaded

Go to Tekken Zaibatsu if you want the Evolution 2005 T5 and TTT videos. All you to do is donate $20 minimum to have all the Tekken videos you will ever need.


i have the hole 2k4 set… send me a PM with address and name

PM sent.


Can anyone make the 3rd Strike 2005 .iso torrent available? I’ve been trying to pull it down for over a month. I’m at 93% and haven’t made any progress in a few days.


I do not think anyone has that torrent anymore.


TaiPing I just pm you also I forgot too add super turbo for both 2k4 and 2k5 him me back peace.


i tried to DL it a year ago and made .5% in a month or so :sad: so painfull


I’m interested in the 2004 dvds ill pop for dvds if i can get the whole set including VF 4. Pop a pm too see if we can haggle.


I currently have 43 requests so I am done for now. I am burning some of them right now (excluding those I have not received DVD’s from) and will be shipping all of them at once on September 30th or October 1st. I’ll start taking requests again on October 14th.


i could never get the marvel dvd, wtf?!? oh im talking about the 2k5 one. i remember checking shoryuken like 20 times a day to see if they put the marvel torrent, but it never came =(


I have a big favour to ask. Because it’s not possible to buy evo 2004/2005 dvd ,is it possible that somebody upload the dvd’s to some kind of rapidshare. Especially the street fighter dvd’s. I think it’s not illegal to do that. If it is , please delet my question.

Thanks in advance…