Finding games in SFIV is horrible (XBL )


WRONG SECTION, sorry. Can a mod please move?

I did click the SFIV forum, but didn’t scroll down past all the characters to see there was actually a place to post not about characters there. Sorry.

In XBL I have 3 options:

Quick Match
This quickly shows me a list of 3 players. 80% of the time choosing a player says “Unable to play” or “This match has already started”. When this happens, “Searching…” pops up, then it says we can’t play and I have to press a button to search again, “Searching…” pops up again, and I am shown 3 players again. Nearly every time 1, 2, or 3 of the 3 players will be players I was just shown and was unable to play with. A few times I was using Quick Match for a few hours and the same player was ALWAYS in my list and I could never connect to them.

Custom Match
This lets you put in criteria about the players you want to play with. Cool! However after putting in the criteria it takes 20-30 seconds before you are shown a list of players. About 50% of the time you get one of the unable to play messages. The great part is when this happens, you are taken back to the criteria screen and have to search again. 4 or 5 unable to play messages and you have wasted 3+ minutes of your life not actually playing anything.

Host Match
This puts you in a lobby by yourself where you stare blankly at the screen until someone joins your game. Sometime someone comes in 20-30 seconds, sometimes no one comes for 5+ minutes.

For the love of God, if I want to play a ranked match, I want to choose “ranked match”, be matched up with a player of similar rank with a decent connection, and play. Instead I have to waste my goddamn time hitting a button to search over and over again, or staring at the screen wishing I was playing and wondering when someone would join my game. I spend about half my Street Fighter IV time playing and half waiting to play. I usually host a 5 round game so I get slightly more time playing.

Playing unranked matches is not much better, except that once you find someone they typically stay for 3 or so games. Rarely do I find someone who wants to play for more than that, even though I typically pick a different character each match.

I’m a software engineer. There is no technical reason a matching service could not be implemented. Instead what we have is a lobby service where we sit around with our thumbs up our asses because Capcom and/or Micro$loth are lazy fucks! I assume Quick Match and Custom match are just ways to join a Host Match game some other player has started. This means if everyone on XBL hosted a match or everyone was searching for a match, no one would goddamn play! Blah!


Is PSN any better? Maybe the PC will be better? I think a matching service would make up for fewer players being on the other online platforms.


That’s right, that big link that says SFIV at the top of the page doesn’t go anywhere.

Ok, as I hit reply, I saw you were a software engineer. And yet you still manage to post in the wrong forum? How do people do that?


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No wonder you can’t find games, you can’t even find the SFIV section.


This should actually go in the XBOX LIVE section, as the problems with the SF4 lobbies (performance, not design) all have to do with the fact that XBL has been VERY VERY unstable this week.

I have a thread going for it already.


Wokka Wokka! :lol::lol::lol:


priceless :rofl:


Heh, I did click the SFIV, but didn’t scroll down past all the characters to see there was actually a place to post not about characters there. Sorry.


Your shipment of fail will be available for download as DLC in two weeks.


It’s just as bad on PSN dude. It’s the way the game is made not the network itself. Fighting games should be treated like FPS’ on PC and use dedicated servers that would make for a far better experience for everyone involved.


there are multiple threads about this