Finding HRAP 1 or 2?

Any places still sell these things besides eBay? The ones on eBay are like 200 bucks. -_-;;

If your interested in modding one of these, look for a T5 stick, exactly the same as hrap1 except for the buttons. Otherwise, good luck finding hrap 1 and 2’s!

No the T5 sticks aren’t identical. The PCB in the tekken 5 stick is completely different and is a lot more of a pain to swap sanwa buttons into.

I still agree they’re a good stick to look out for, but nowhere near as good a stick as an HRAP1 or 2

oh, my bad then, i guess only the layout was the same. but modding for the t5 only requires a dremel though to swap the sanwa buttons.

If you’re looking for the original HRAP1 or 2, good luck. Those models have been discontinued (thank goodness I was able to find my HRAP2 for about $110 used several months back :bgrin:).

That being said, the orange Amazon HRAP is basically an HRAP1, and you should be able to find those for about $150 on eBay.

I currently have a T5 stick but I’m in college and don’t have the drill/soldering skills/time to mod it. I thought a HRAP would have been faster. Perhaps someone here would be willing to help me out and mod it for a small service fee? I’m based in NYC. =)