Finding it hard to take this game seriously


I’m kinda in a dilemma, see i want to get better at this game (just as everyone else does), but i always find myself thinking ‘screw this crap, it’s just a game’ and i feel like I should be doing something else.

I don’t know, I’m kind of at the point where i feel like if I want to get better, i’ll have to invest a lot more time…a lot more time which I’m not sure i want to give. I can’t shake the feeling of that i’m kinda wasting my life playing this game.

I have 500 hours clocked on SSFIV. funny thing is, in real life, i hate talking about the game, i hate associating with those who play the game (those nerdy, retard types who know all the frame data by heart) and my friends dont even know that i play the game.

like yesterday night i was playing online for 3 hours. by the end of it i was thinking ‘i just spent 3 fucking hours playing that, and for what?’ I know other hobbies are essentially the same thing (time wasters), but i really don’t want to look back and think about what i was doing in the prime of my life…playing a video game.

for the longest time it’s been a really good hobby, something that ive done on the side, had fun with and progressed, but i feel that i have to invest way too much time.

Anyone have this sort of dilemma, or know how to deal with it?


Yup, I know what you mean. But if it’s something you enjoy, then why should you stop doing it? I mean, if playing a video game is stopping you from going out with friends or you are putting it as priority above everything else, then maybe there is a problem. But if it’s just a bit of harmless gaming on the side then I don’t see what’s wrong. Yeah it maybe 3 hours but c’mon, 3 hours isn’t really a lot. For me it’s all about managing time. If there’s nothing to do on a weekend or weekday I’ll just kill time on the Xbox and on SF. But ask yourself, what else could you be doing whilst playing the game? If it’s something worthwile go out and do it. If not carry on and get frustrated at noobs on SF :L


Seems like you’re ashamed of yourself and have some selfesteem issues. I mean if you can’t even talk about something you enjoy because you’re ashamed of what you’re doing when you could be out hooking up with ho’s or whatever, go do it if that’s what counts for you.

People have their own priorities and you just seems to be wanting to follow some sort of bandwagon that’s socially accepted. I think you should stop playing and go party at a frathouse or something.


So find something more rewarding to spend your time with… you clearly don’t like the game (and I don’t blame you :clown:), so there’s no point trying to force yourself into it. Take it out of your xbox and move on to something else. It’s your life, your time, your hobby … find something you actually like, you’ll enjoy life a lot more.


When I was younger (like 22 or something) I took a break from fighting games mostly because I didn’t really care to constantly be hanging out at someone’s house playing the same game for like five hours and I didn’t usually feel like traveling just to play. I don’t really care now… I have my group of friends that doesn’t play FG’s and they know I play but they don’t really care either way. I also have a group of friends I play FG’s with. It’s not really like you have to make some big decision… if you’re actually having fun then keep playing. If you’re not having fun, just play less, take a break, or quit. It’s not like you have to make it a part of YOUR IDENTITY and your friends will look down on you for it or something. Usually people that don’t like games will think it’s just kind of weird or unexpected that you play but they don’t really understand FG’s anyway so they don’t really have a clue what it entails and likely won’t give it much thought at all.

Also most of my friends who are into FG’s are just normal people that aren’t particularly nerdy or OCD or something. You occasionally will encounter someone really weird with asperger’s or something… but it’s not like you have to be best of friends with everyone you play with.


i mean I’m enjoying it when I play it, but when I turn it off, im kinda asking myself, “was that really worth it” and i’m kinda thinking no.

i just feel like i could be using that time doing something more productive. and i think if i’m even thinking that way, then i think it might be the end of SF for me. i think i’ll just go really casual with this game.

And Tessius, no im not ashamed of playing it, i just hate talking about it because, as i mentioned, a lot of people who play it and want to talk about it are borderline retards. but nice snide comments there with self esteem issues and frat parties. You’re the exact type of people which make the whole community look like a bunch of retards, and the exact type of people that i hate associating with.


Man I like this game but I feel the same way as you do because well now in days all I is play online on street fighter 4, I don’t go out with friends, I don’t go out shopping for stuff unless game related I feel like I got rid of my own identity to this game but the thing is that since I’m so use to play this game so much I kinda started to not to care about other social status that I had before. So what I got to do now is just but my arcade stick down and go out into the sunlight and see the day

Walks out of house
Yells "AAHHHHHHH MY EYES THEY BURN BECAUSE OF THE SUNLIGHT AHHHHH!!! I’M back inside now; here I go street fighter 4"
Ends day unsuccessfully >:{


hey from reading the comments above me.
Is that you Blg Filipino champ??? who is making this thread???


getting good at the game =/= playing random scrubs online for hours, you don’t learn shit from that. you actually have to play with people “IN REAL LIFE”. Would you call tokido, gamerbee, ultradavid, gootecks etc nerdy retards?

fuck no, they’re all smart as hell, they have lives outside of fighting games and they probably play less than you think. From the sound of things though, you’ve already labeled your community and your unwillingness to be a part of it is obvious so you should just drop it if it really bothers you to a point where it has to be a secret

your loss, though


Hmmm, no I don’t think so.

I mean, how many of the top SF players actually have good careers? I know Wong, Marn and a few others are unemployed.

I think what I’m getting at is I know I’m not going to take this game seriously enough to compete, so I should just cut back and play it casually. No point in spending excessive amounts of time on the game when I know I would never compromise my career/social life for a game.




high-level gameplay is indescribably fun, there’s a reason why so many damn people are into fighting games


You just answered your own question (sorta). Just play it casually, and let that be that.

Though you may find this hard to believe, not everyone here is an angry, bitter nerd with entitlement issues (95% of SRK. Sorry…). Some folks here are casuals as well, who have lives outside of fighting games.

Also, I don’t think those frat house and self-esteem comments were meant to be snide.

EDIT: Last time I checked, Alex Valle worked at a software company.


Looking down on other people for being passionate about something? Is this…high school?


its funny the TS bites at people he feels take digs at him, yet he clearly takes digs at any and everyone who is trying to get good at SF for knowing frame data. i sometimes feel i need to cut back on this game because i do have more important things going on like studying. but ive allocated more time into that than SF, just like any sane person would without asking a public forum!! i dont really see why this thread was made. u hide this identity of yours, because you’re ashamed of the community, but here you are hiding under a rock asking us questions lol. what i dont get is that u ask for opinions, but attack anyone who said something u didnt like. so why did u ask in the first place? do u want to just make urself feel important? is it the attention? all they did was tell u how to deal with it, like u asked. lol. its this simple, if u want to spend less time on this game, then do that!! if u cant, then stop fooling yourself and realize you’re as bad as those nerds u dislike. geez either stop all the whining or go cry a river somewhere else. maybe to your real life friends. if they are your true friends they will understand and help you through these tough times


Do you know what that feeling is after you turn off the game and question yourself for playing it? That’s called “regret”, bro. If playing video games is bringing you to that point, then you should probably find another hobby that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Personally, I don’t think that other gamers should be called “nerdy” or “retarded” because they know deep mechanics of the game. It’s little stuff like frame data that gives some gamers that extra little “edge” over the next guy. It’s just part of learning more about the hobby, man. It doesn’t make them “geeks” or “nerds” for knowing that. It makes them what they are: Gamers.

Have you ever heard sports fans talk? Have you ever seen the way they get hype during a game? They know the stats of different players and what certain players did during certain games and all of that jazz. This isn’t any different, man. It’s all about “the game” and people are passionate about it.

I’m not sure if you’re really trying to go pro and get sponsored and paid for playing the game [by playing in tournaments], but if you’re not, then you’re just like the rest of us man: a casual. Playing games doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your hobby and “have a life”. I mean, look at UltraDavid, the guy’s a lawyer (the real deal), and he plays just as much as the rest of us. And if that’s not enough, I am in I.T. and I absolutely love my job. Hell, I even took my games with me to Iraq to play twice during my six year service in the Army. It’s a hobby, man. A release from everything, when it comes down it. Just because there are guys making their living off of it, doesn’t mean that it’s not something worth talking about with other gamers. There’s nothing written anywhere that states that one can’t have a successful job and enjoy his hobby vigorously.

Anyway, I’m not sure if you’re feeling regret because you’re losing or if you generally don’t enjoy gaming, but either way. If you feel like you’ll be judged, or that you feel like you’re wasting your time or any other kind of negatively impacting emotion the hobby is inflicting on you, just stop man. Maybe it’s not your thing. No use in doing something that bums you out and that you’re not passionate about. Especially if you don’t like talking about it with other people who enjoy the same thing.

I don’t watch or talk sports, cars, or hunting, because I’m not into those. I’m in to games, so that’s what I do. It’s my release and it’s my passion. I’ve been doing it the majority of my life and I’m proud of it, all while I’ve been working towards my life’s goal of being a Web Dev.

If you can’t (or won’t) say “that” (or something similar), then maybe it’s time to shift your focus in another direction, man. That’s all.


You’ve only got one life to live. If you don’t feel that the time you’re spending on SFIV is productive, do something else! I’ll be honest I don’t think playing 500 hrs a day of SSFIV (or any game for that matter) is a great way to spend any day, whether it be in the prime or the twilight of your life! Lots of other stuff to do too. This game is fun but it’s just a game.


High school is not the end of where people judge other people for having priorities that are different than their own. Would I take studying frame data over making out with my wife? Nope. But I’m sure there are some people that would neglect their significant others for the sake of almighty Street Fighter! :slight_smile: And if you do that, I’m sure there are going to be many people in the world who feel like judging you for it.

For me, there are lots of things I like doing, Street Fighter included. Getting your identity so wrapped up in any of them such that you are questioning the time you’re spending is a bad idea no matter what it is.


I wouldn’t call them “retards”, no.


I strongly suggest you either stop playing SF altogether or just continue playing the game casually (it sounds to me that even right now you are playing it relatively casually, 3 hours is not a long time).

In order to live the kind of lifestyle that most people who play video games at a very high level do, I think you need to be pretty open minded and unbiased.
I mean no offence to you with this; but you sound to me like quite a closed-minded individual. Don’t worry about it, a hugely vast majority of the population are closed-minded, its the only way our society is able to function in the way it does.

If you decided you wanted to put a lot of time into SF to get better, you would probably have to change your whole mindset to be a more open-minded person… and being closed-minded prevents you from making that change, so I’m afraid its a bit of a catch 22.

Encase you are willing to think about it in an unbiased way though, I’ll lead you through the thought process involved:
You feel like you are (as you so naively put it) wasting your time playing a video game rather than doing something else that is more accepted by society as a worthwhile use of your time.
Now, if you had a passion for playing a sport, writing, painting or something of the like and spent a lot of your time, or even most of you time, doing that you would be doing it because you enjoyed it no? And you wouldn’t be having this little personal dilemma with yourself.
Why is playing a video game different in your eyes, and indeed in the eyes of the vast majority of mankind? Because that’s what society has taught you to believe.

You see, most people don’t really like thinking for themselves and making decisions based on logic weighing up the factual evidence in any given situation, because it takes effort… and people are lazy.
Its much easier to have society just do all the thinking for you.
So you end up making conclusions based on what everyone else tells you.
If everyone just tells each other the same things all the time and no one really thinks about it rationally for a minute or questions established believes at all, then life is so much easier.

You only believe that video games are a waste of time because that’s the commonly held belief in western society.
You stereotype those who do spend a lot of their time playing video games in a derogatory way calling them ‘retards’ because that’s the commonly accepted stereotype for them.
(Oh by the way, its actually a bit ironic calling people who memorize and use frame data ‘retarded’ because to do so actually requires quite a bit of intelligence. May I suggest that you actually learn the definition of words before you go about using them.)

And it was only a matter of time before you brought up the age-old ‘must get career’ nonsense.
Let me ask you this, infact this goes way beyond just your silly little post about being ashamed of actually enjoying your life without compromise for 10 minutes, so let me ask everyone here who even vaguely agrees with the OP…

What is the goal of life? What are you actually trying to achieve?
To say that one is wasting one’s time playing a video games is to imply that there must be some goal that everyone in life is trying to achieve and that time would be better spent in pursuit of this goal.
Even if you think you don’t have an answer to this question allow me to inform you that yes, you do have an answer. You do have a goal, one that was set for you by society and that you have had forced onto you for your entire life in order to prevent you from actually questioning it and realising that it has no real value.

Your goal in life is just a simple path, so here it is… the meaning of life that you have been (consciously or not) taught to accept:

Education system (school > university) > Career > Romantic relationship > Marriage > Family > Death

You have been spoon-fed that as gospel for so long and from the moment you were born so that the very idea that it isn’t your only option in life is almost blasphemous and any time that is not spent in the direct pursuit of this path is time ‘wasted’.

Now lets play a little game to discover exactly what is your actual true goal in life…
All you have to do is think about something that you do, it can be anything from playing a video game to driving to work to sleeping, and then ask yourself…
why do I do it?
And then, when you have the answer… ask ‘why’ again. and again. and again. Keep asking why.

I’ll do one for myself to demonstrate how it works…

Why am spending all this time writing a response to someone who won’t even read it, let alone listen to it?
Because there is always a chance that someone who stumbles across this post will actually think about what I am saying.

Why do I want them to think about what I’m saying?
Because I want them to gain a better understanding of what they want from life.

Why do I want them to have a better understanding of what they want from life?
Because then they will be better at achieving what they want from life.

Why do I want them to be better at achieving what they want from life?
Because I want them to be happy.

Why do I want them to be happy?
I don’t know. I just do.

Game over.

No matter what you choose to question you will only ever reach two questions that you simply cannot answer.

  1. Why do I want to be happy? or 2. Why do I want other people to be happy?

If you are a selfish person, you will be able to answer number 2, but it will eventually lead you to number 1.

So everyone seems to have goal hard-coded in themselves, the goal of happiness.
And THAT, is what I believe is the true goal in life.
So does it make any difference how you achieve that goal? No, because the end result is exactly the same.

Look kid, if playing a video game like Street Fighter is what makes you happiest in life, then do yourself a favour and just do it as much as you can until you find something else that makes you happier.
If your friends are the kind of ‘friends’ who would look down on you for what you spend your time doing, then ditch them and find better relationships that are actually beneficial to you.
What difference does it make to your life if someone else who you could easily choose to have nothing to do with thinks less of you.
Don’t live your life making compromises to your happiness to appease society and be accepted as ‘normal’, even the definition of ‘normal’ constantly changes.

Sorry if this post seemed condescending or patronizing, I’m just sick of closed-minded people ruining things for the small minority of people out there who can think for themselves and want to get the most they can out of life.
Not really sure what caused this massive outburst, guess I’m just a bit frustrated today.