Finding Japanese/Korean MVC3 Players (XBL)?

Hello everyone,

Do any of you have an idea how one could find some japanese / korean players on Xbox live? I am over in that part of the world but the automated matching and session system always gives me a bunch of australians (latency > 300ms… impossible to play a fighting game).

Perhaps they have a community somewhere? I’m not sure to be honest. :frowning:

Actually, this info would be rather helpful for me as well…

If you are in the korean/japanese area, feel free to add me (floor16) . Playing other koreans/japanese = pretty much the same experience as offline… it’s great. :slight_smile:

I’m a korean player, but I live in the states. Ahn Nyoung! Hope you guys find some players.

xboxlive @ daigomaradona . Im stationed in Korea for a year