Finding ones Strengths and Weaknesses

So I was listiening to the SRK podcast today and they had a really good discussion on the idea of finding ones strengths and weaknesses, then using that to pick a character. Their recommendation was to try everyone, but I was not sold on the idea as how a character plays can change as you get to higher levels of play in some games.

It also is tough because your not always sure as to how a character is played to his best. For example, you could rush down with a character but they are better at zoning and should zone till you get an opening.

So I wanted to try to see if we could expand on this idea and see if we can find a good method for picking characters.

For people who have been playing for a long time, it is easier to figure out what to pick because you can see patterns in your choices.

For myself, I tend to pick characters, armies (in RTS’s) that emphasize speed. Now I didn’t start taking fighting games “seriously” till Blazblue so I am quite new. I choose Nu and I really like Nu. I like how fast she is, I like how she can pressure people at any range and I like how she gives me time to think. I realized that my reaction ability isn’t very good until I have a lot of practice in that particular situation, but I can think of what to do and read people better. Nu emphasizes this I think.

So far, I have tried to apply that to SF4, but have come up somewhat short. I play rose mainly and I have tried Gouken and Cammy but my success so far has been lackluster at best. For super, I am looking forward to Ibuki as I played with her when I get a chance in 3S and I like her there and even if not, the expanded roster should give more options.

The hard one has been Guilty Gear, I really am lost as to what to pick :confused:

To get off the personal part, how did you come to realize what your good and not good at? What recommendations do you have to picking the right character?

Note: Wasn’t sure exactly where to put it, as it was useful for new players mainly so I thought i would put it here, sorry if there is any problems.

If you want speed, the ability to pressure from all ranges and a character pretty much like a BB character in SF4. Go with Viper. She may be the highest execution character, but you’ll be used to that from BB. Seismos cover almost all the screen and you have a lot of combo ability from ex.seismo. Burn kicks give you good mix ups and she has a trillion ways to combo into ultra. She’s somewhat reactional, so you might not have time to think though, though she can run away with superjumps and get in from fullscreen and pressure.

Though she lacks a reliable DP and pressure strings, but her ability to mix up covers the latter.

I just play who appeals to me. Playing through every character definately helps that. After you get a feel for the roster and the game engine you should gravitate towards one of the characters. Since you already know what you like it should be easy. I’d recomend Akuma for you, since he can zone, has good normals, a teleport, and a dp. So he can apply so pressure but also keep them out if you need some time to think.

I think finding your strengths and weaknesses is kind of strange. In threads like these I see so many 09ers who are like “my strengths are above average fundamentals. Superb footsies. Good offense.” and im like yeah fucking right. Unless you’re a top player (like Buktooth or Jwong) you might not even HAVE any real strengths. Its not like you can get footsies without playing a shitload of footsies, for example. So go with Buktooth’s advice. Watch a bunch of top level match vids, see how those guys play the chars, and see what looks fun to you.

If you WANT to rush, you have to learn it before you can really consider it one of your strengths. So find a character that has safe moves that are difficult to defend against. Abel, Viper, Cammy, Fuerte, Rufus (and most likely a lot of chars in SSF4) can be played offensively.

I’d agree with that. I have far more massive weaknesses than real strengths. Yes, I seem to be a bit better with good poking characters, but that’s as much a symptom of having terrible close range offense and a horrendous inability to get inside and hit confirm most of the time than MAD POKING SKILLZ. If you give me a character like Vega who can barely do most of that shit anyways I’ll look a hell of a lot more like I know what I’m doing, but I’m still awful. Having enough fun with what you’re doing to keep getting better at it is probably more important. Not coincidentally, you’ll probably have more fun doing the things you least suck at. Even if you’re missing 50% of the game plan, if you have 50% to fall back on and keep positive about, it’s easier to keep going.

Thats a good point, before you can even know what your good or bad at, you do have to learn the game. Though I suspect that many people have played other games before and have some idea on some level of what they are NOT good at.

In TF2 whenever I play sniper, I try my best to never get into a quick snipe war with another sniper. My reaction times just aren’t good enough and in SF4, even if I see a SRK coming, that doesn’t mean I can react to it in time, or punish it :confused:

I don’t know how much it might apply to fighting games, but to quote a teacher of mine when talking about great leaders, it isn’t so much that they don’t have any weaknesses but just how great their strengths are.

If you’re new to fighting games let you play style pick your character for you. Try everyone and see who your stlye of play works out with. That original example in the first post was actually right, if you pick a want to play rushdown and you pick a zoning character you will figure out that character is a good fit for you when you keep losing playning your way.
Heres the thing at that point a bunch of people would go on the internet and ask someone how to play the character they picked and try to imitate things that aren’t in keeping with the way they naturally think and react, instead of just dropping the character and moving on. This is why you end up with tons of horrible sagat players that probably shouldn’t even be playing sagat for their best results.

ex. I’ve seen pad players win tournaments where everyone else was using sticks. Sticks offer more room and control than a pad and are easier to do complex button combinations on, however if you feel more comfortable playing with a pad then thats what you should play with when things are on the line.

If you are already learning a new game you shouldn’t having to fight the other player and your own character to get a win its just counterproductive. Does it mean that someone who meshes naturally with sagat will do better starting off than someone who should be playing honda or Rose… probably but hey thats life.

WTF no X_X
Most of BB characters=easy execution.
Viper=super hard execution.

I see where Mariodood is coming from. At the beginning level, you have things you’re bad at and things you’re really bad at. But I do feel that by the time someone has reached the intermediate level, you can start to analyze your playstyle and start to find strengths.

The things to watch for:

  • do you spend more time chasing or being chased?
  • how are you getting most of your damage?
  • are you missing a lot of anti airs? are they normals or specials?
  • how often are you dropping your combos?

These sort of questions can start leading you in the right direction.

Another thing to think about: Typically people pick characters that support their strengths but cover their weaknesses. What about picking one that helps you develop gaps in your game?

Lol what? BB is seriously easy when it comes to execution.

On a more serious note Emeraldw, finding what appeals to you is all a matter of experience. Take time to seriously break down a part of the game that you find interesting. Expand on it, and it seriously will grow on you.

Viper is very speed-oriented, but is severely lacking when it comes to defensive options. (Normal for characters with superb offense, similar to Ibuki in 3s.) I highly doubt that you’ll find something or a character that you truly enjoy playing until you’ve played for a while. I started playing 3s in summer 2006, and I couldn’t choose a main until spring 2007 when I went with Ibuki. It also took me 6 months of almost non-stop SFIV to finally pick up Viper.

You need experience to find out what you like, because you need to know how to break down the fundamentals of a character. Buktooth’s advice is spot on. Just keep playing and watching videos, both are really solid ways of increasing your knowledge and can inspire you to try something that you’ve never done before.