Finding Practice - Arcade Mode?

First, a little background. I took a long break from SF4, but I was never really fantastic to begin with. I’ve come back, and I’m pretty much relearning the game. I’ve been practicing because I want to get involved in the tournament scene, maybe have some fun at EVO, and just enjoy the game more overall. Also, I definitely don’t feel up to par to attend any tournaments, especially since there are no SF4 events in my area, and everything’s at least a good 2 hour drive away. However, I’m not really sure how to go about practicing. I’ve spent a few hours each day for the past few weeks in training mode working on my execution (which has improved significantly), but I feel like practicing on a training dummy won’t help much when I play actual competition. I’ve also looked for games online, which does yield a few, but is overall just not worth the effort of searching for 20 minutes to play 2 minutes of a laggy game with pretty bad opponents. With that said, can Arcade Mode actually help me with anything? I’ve figured that it is sort of better for practicing execution than a training dummy, but it seems like the random AI might throw off other elements of my gameplay.

Any suggestions or recommendations on how I can get some practice? Thanks in advance.

Some characters just don’t play well when controlled by the cpu. For instance, Guile and Blanka are easy to defeat since they use Focus Attacks often. Some cpu characters are decent (shotos are ok, IMO) and Seth can get annoying. Playing human-controlled opponents is better for getting practice in… so if you’re able to play people online, I’d go that route over arcade mode. If matches are as laggy as you say, it’s a tough scenario because you don’t want to get comfortable with the lag as it may throw your timing off.

The single best thing you can do is find people to play casuals with. Do you still live in Fresno? There has got to be something of a local scene there. You might be able to find people to meet up with in the regional matchmaking section.

Looked into it. There used to be tournaments every month or so, but it’s kind of died down for now. I never went to one, as I didn’t feel like I’d be good enough, and if they started up again I still don’t think I’d go for the same reason. I feel like I need some kind of midway point before getting to that level.

That’s why I suggested casuals. There has got to be some local gatherings where people get together and practice. I’m sure you can meet some people to practice with.

Ok, I’ll ask around and see if I can find anything like that. Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: