Finding Q // Q fans

Sorry guys havnt been around much since i posted forever gouki but ill be here from now on since i got some free time
so as a thank you for all the love i made this

Now that looks sick…good work.

thanks buddy

I feel as though he should be more silhouetted, but cool nonetheless.

I was going to do that
but i wanted to show the detail that went in to him everything there was manipulated from somthing else
for example his mask was just a piece of steal

Very nicely done dude. But I think his sense of size gets a bit lost. Maybe making his head a bit smaller would help?

its the glow out the eyes that make his head look bigger if you look at the zoomed in version you see that its not big at all

That might be it. In that case the eyes should have less glow. Maybe make the hat a little shorter as well. Whatever can give it a smaller illusion. But thats just me though.

it’s perfect. beautiful job.