Finding ranked match in too slow!

hey guys, I have problem with finding ranked matches. I live in Croatia, and I have to wait 12-15 min on average for once ranked match. That’s way to long, so I am wondering did anyone try to find solution for this problem ?

Steps I made so far:

  1. open up router ports as CapCom requested in their newest blog. Didn’t help at all.
  2. tried to connect via German VPN service,but for some reason I can’t connect to server in game. Someone with more experience with VPN services could maybe give me advice ?

The reason I want to use VPN is that my internet provider is same as German one (T-com), and I have perfect connection with ppl from Germany (usually 5 bars).

I think the reason for slow ranked match finding is my country being connected to different server than the west part of the Europe.
Tho I have mostly very good connection with ppl from France and UK too.

please help

seems to be a problem for some people… For me matches come quite often (1-3 minutes…?) and are lag free.
I cant really help but am highly interested what the source of that is…

The reason for what you is happening to you is the result of some genius that decided that a regional matchmaking is the way to go. Basically, you have only a finite small number of people from certain countries that you are allowed to match up with. If you are lucky, many of them will be online and you will find matches quickly. If you are unlucky, then you gotta wait.

This lovely choice has ruined Ranked for Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle east, Australia and basically any country/continent/ region with smaller player base that has to rely on fighting people from other countries.

THIS very same Capcom choice effectively killed the game for 2 of my friends that got it and already dropped. Why would you wait 15 minutes for a match in SF5 when you can get one in 20 seconds in MKX ?
I don’t blame them. I am sticking with this game because i love Street Fighter.

I live in siberia, can’t find anyone for hours. If march update won’t fix that, then i’ll have to drop the game. Sad.

funny fact: I bought another SFV game for my second steam account and I set ID flag as German, and my average wait time is like 8-10 min …is this coincidence ?
or they group up ppl depends on flag u choose?

I dont think they group depending on flags chosen, I mean a few hours ago I played against someone from brasil (im living in europe)

well they didn’t do regional match making…cuz I get ppl from Germany and France all the the time… it’s just finding time is too longgggg …god I hope they gonna fix that, I want to play so badly… MKX search time 1min…SFV search time 15 min :frowning:

Did you set your parameters for 5 bar only??
I set it to 4-5 and Im barely waiting 1-3 minutes, sometimes less than a minute

i got the same problem, sometimes i wait 30 min for 1 game and btw i live in sweden

It’s worse when you live in California and can’t find a match, a state you know absolutely has a bunch of players, and when you do get a match it’s a teleport fest.

You know you could of just used steam library sharing for free instead rebuying the game right?

not gonna lie, been searching for a casual for 2 hours and still no game. this sfv is pissing me off

but…but… people…people… find matches in 2 minutes and everything is fine on their end…

Just go play lounge man, maybe you will get lucky there.

You sure about that? I’m from Europe (Luxembourg) and I’m getting opponents from all over the globe. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, Russia and even a bunch of flags I’ve actually never seen in my life.

And that’s when searching for 4-5 bar connections. I can only imagine what the game will put me up against when I go with ‘any’.

It takes about 3 to 5 minutes to find a match. Not terribly slow but not fast either.

What bugs me is that it matches you with random people. I liked SF4’s ranked system way more. Why can’t we create a ranked match ourselves or join others ?

I just pray for new patch in march…and hope they will fix this… If I search for MKX , I get match every 1 min… SFV every 15 min…
I would understand SFV match making if I didn’t fight Swe/German/Italy/UK/France ppl… it’s not like we are located on different servers… I do get to fight all those ppl…just way to slow

Does anyone know any good VPN that works with SFV? would like to try that option

Because you could technically get free fight money if you’d team up with a friend.

Fight Money is pretty much the root of all evil in this game. I’m not sure if the payoff (‘free’ DLC characters) was really worth it in the end for the consumer.

Can’t be 100% sure ofcourse since i don’t work for Capcom but that is a theory. After searching a ton on twitter and on Capcom unity as well as over here, it seems like that most of the complaints comes from some specific regions. Now I am not 100% sure if it has to do with regional matchmaking or if it has to do with the servers that these regions access. It was clear that the issues came from countries that has to rely on fighting people from outside of their country. I think what happens is that the game searches first for the set of countries it consider your region, then it starts looking outside after set time.

Here is the quote from Haunt’s post on Capcom unity
" We understand players in Europe, the Middle East and some other territories are still running into issues with slow matchmaking. The server team is aware of this and will be continuing to look for ways to improve this issue.

Our goal is to provide the best online experience for all users, and if you are not in a region that has a large number of users with stable connections it will take longer to find a suitable opponent. Again, we will continue to look at this issue and find ways to circumvent longer than intended wait times for matchmaking. "

Here is the followup post to that

"Much like the last update, matchmaking for both Ranked and Casual modes is working as intended for most users, but we do understand this is not the case for some players in Europe, the Middle East and various other regions. Several improvements were made this past week that should have decreased the wait time for many users in those territories, but we will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates when additional improvements are made. "

If it wasn’t some regional BS, why would America, East Asia and parts of Europe be having working MM while the rest is screwed ?

when i finally find a game after hours, i am no longer hyped to play. kills my spirit tbh

I mean they need to fix this somehow… f*cking MKX has 1 min search time for me… just let me play other countries … as I said I have perfect connection with most of them.

You have a point there tbh.

Can’t say i was happy to buy multiple versions of the game like i did with SF4, but this moba style system to unlock content feels weird for a fighting game, and indeed it might end up to hurt the consumer in the long run.