Finding Shirts


Trying to find a shirt, but I can’t remember teh company it’s from. It’s of a woman with a fighting stick on her lap.


I was hoping this thread would be about old school Dhalsim player Shirts.


I still want a Team NAH shirt if anyone knows a way. Not sure which company did the women with the fightstick but i know i’ve seen it before


Not much to him that he hasn’t talked about in previous interviews.




Indeed! Danke!


Nice choice,those guys are cool.I know the owner. -h_h-


For a moment, I thought you were talking about the “Talk Street Fighter to Me” shirt from Kineda. I’ve seen the one from Hungry Human before, too. Pretty cool.


Ive tried there :frowning: no replies thanks tho think i shud try again? it may of been just a one year thing


You could try sending a PM to naGoo.