Finding the I.P. of users on ezboards?

SRK has been known to be good with investigations, like the son them all scandal. I was wondering if I could do some work myself:

Im on another board for a popular music artist. A while back someone on the artist’s main ezboard came anonymously and posted a few clips of songs me and the other fans never heard before. We asked how they found it but there was no reply.

Anyway months later, it was revealed during an interview with the artist that someone actually stole his Ipod containing unfinished songs.

Now there is a new person on the board who claims to have been a lurker for a while. The person is talking about and boasting of having a rare demo, separate from the songs on the ipod, from way back in 2003.

  1. The two users, the one that stole the ipod and the one that claims about having rare demos, don’t seem to talk the same way, though there might be a total of less than 5 posts between them all so it’s hard to tell. Is there a way to check I.P. of a user on a message board?

  2. Also the guy claiming to have the demo’s, I believe due to similar speech and attitude, might be the same guy who is taking live recordings from a website, burning them to a CD disc, and then selling them for $80 on ebay. Ebay gives location detail, if I could check the I.P. from the website and see if they match.

I dont think Ill try to shut him down or anything. It is very sad ppl are making money of musical artists in this strange way. But for now its more about my own personal curiosity.