Finding the right case to mod

Hello everyone. I just bought my first stick and modded it with new artwork and buttons straight off the bat. It’s a venom stick and was very straight forward to do, no problems at all. This forum was a big help and i’m very grateful that such a useful place exists.

For my next project I’m now looking to make myself a new stick for my Neo Geo. The thing is, I’m struggling to find a suitable case. I guess I could use another Venom stick, but i’m really only looking for a shell that has 6 buttons (A,B,C,D, Start and Select). If i were to buy another Venom, i’d have all those extra buttons not doing anything so i’d rather avoid that, but I did love the simplicity and being able to print off artwork and place it under the plexi was a big plus.

Does anybody know of anywhere I could might buy a case? Or anywhere that cuts custom plexi so i can fill out holes? i’m looking to make something of a mixture between these two sticks:

Thanks in advance!

Depends on where you’re located and your budget. Tek Innovations is based here in states and I have to assume it will cost you almost as much as buying another Venom to have it shipped to the EU. They sell button plugs, might not be as clean as a new plexi but will be much more affordable

Thanks guys, Gonna go with a Mad Catz round 2, pull all the guts out of it, fit a new stick / buttons onto a Neo Geo board and get a new plexi / artwork from tek-innovations. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Might be a while though!

Just another quick question for anyone with experience modding these:

Does anybody know how custom artwork is fitted to these MadCatz sticks, If i were wto buy a custom Plexi would i be fitting the artwork underneath a clear plexi or sticking it on top?


FromTek-innovations you buy the artwork on paper and a plexi and the plexi goes over the art to protect it.