Finding the right character

'Sup people!
I’ve been playing SFIV since it was released pretty solidly, moving onto SSFIV and AE after that. Throughout my time I’ve noticed (among everyone else I play with) I can’t seem to stay with a character. Now I know about a lot in the game, I’m no scrub with the characters I’ve ‘mained’ in the past, but my problem is I can’t seem to just stick to them, and learn them inside out… I feel I get bored easily if I stick with one for too long. Does anyone else feel the same? Or have I just not found the right character for me yet?

If you’re not playing to become competitive, playing a bunch of characters is fine.
Otherwise, if you’re going to local casuals or tournaments you will naturally figure out what characters will suit you better.

No one can tell you when you’ve found the right character. Don’t ask people to read your mind if you can’t even do so yourself.

Pretty much this. Sounds like you aren’t a competitively minded player.

I don’t recall asking people to read my mind oddly enough, I didn’t know that this was in fact

Thanks for the replies though, ily.

I spent a long time trying to find a character. After a lot of different phases during SF4 and Super (I had stints with: Gouken, Bison, Sakura, Dhalsim, Cammy, Dhalsim, Vega, El Fuerte, Dhalsim, and Adon), then I eventually found some joy in T. Hawk. I can understand how its difficult to pinpoint your own style and figure out who’s the best for you.

Simply put, what I recommend doing is making a list of all 39 characters. Start off by crossing out all the characters you know you don’t want to main. they’re either characters you just don’t “click” with or someone you get bored of, generally. When I do that, I get left with about a dozen or so characters (though your mileage may vary). After that, rank the characters, purely on how much you enjoy using them. Then just start at the top of the list and start asking yourself some of the following questions:

  1. Am I willing to put in a lot of time to learn this character?
  2. Will I stick with this character even when I start losing?
  3. Does this character give me the best opportunity to accomplish my goal(s)? (Varies depending on your goals. If you want to win Evo, then someone like T. Hawk or Guy may not be what you’re looking for)
  4. Does this character’s style fit my own (or can I adapt him/her to my style)?

If you answer “yes” to all 4 questions, than you likely have found a character who’s a suitable main. One last thing is determining your style. You really need to analyze yourself to get this part down. Others can help, but a lot of it is a mental comfort level. Example is, I played with Vega for a while. I LOVE Vega’s pokes, but I just didn’t have the right mindset to properly use his tools in his pressure game. I liked Dhalsim also because of his pokes, but he has virtually zero offensive game. Then I found T. Hawk, who has excellent (and powerful) pokes, and only needs to just be standing there to apply pressure. My style is obvious a “poke poke poke” sort of game as I slowly move into grab range. Other players will prefer to zone you out, or constantly stay on top of you, trying to force a mistake. One of the most important things in finding a main is figuring out which style fits you best.

EDIT: I did this process again, just for kicks. 5 characters met all my criteria: T. Hawk, Ryu, M. Bison, Zangief, and Dhalsim.

What they’re trying to say is "what do you want me to say?"
One question is viable, the first one, and well, yes, I’ve felt that way too.
But the other question…We would have to KNOW you to answer, and since we don’t, we can’t.
I mean, do you WANT to stick to only one character, there’s nothing wrong with playing more than one character, but, if you’re looking for your “soulmate”, chances are, that’s not gonna happen.
The best you’ll get is “this character feels better to me than this character.”.

I’ve never had this problem. I pick a character I like and unless it’s a style I really can’t stand (i.e. if it’s not rushdown) I just learn that character and stick with it.

Hey, here is some free unsolicited advice: Cut out the cute sarcastic replies to people that are trying to help you. People asking SRK to pick their character for them in the fewest words possible is one of the most commonly made threads on SRK, and there is no answer to it. Its a choice, just like picking what clothes you wear everyday. There’s no right or wrong answer to what character to play, and guess what, you know better than any of us what character you want to play. If you can’t figure it out, how is anyone on SRK supposed to know?

Maybe I read/understood his comment wrong, but I think what he’s trying to say is that your comment was like looking into his mind. Meaning that he was complimenting you, hence the “ily” at the end.

Sorry dude, was uncalled for I guess. Thanks for the replies anyway. And thanks to all the other replies, I’ve been trying Yun for the last few days (tierwhorelawl) but I actually really enjoy his play style, I guess I’ll put some time into him and see how things go!

I would definitely say find a character who you are willing to stick with even when you start losing is a huge factor when concerning a main. I started bouncing character to character on Super’s launch because once Deejay started losing for me, I kept trying…learning…hit a wall,losing, onto new main without putting in the work I needed to break down any walls.

Also, fun factor in playstyle is always another plus.

If you want my advice:

Akuma: Projectile happy
Makoto: Rock solid command attacks
Cammy: Lots of range and lots of priority
Blanka: Pretty easy to get away with lots of things
Vega: Not bad for a charge character

For me, I get bored often but I’m perfectly fine with sticking with a character I’d like. But it has been intentionally implemented that no character can have a moderate equal chance of winning each match purely on the players skill level. Each character is given a flaw or another character has an advantage in SF4.

Not the best advice you’ll hear, but what I do when I get a new game is keep playing random characters until I find my favorite.
Also, keep in mind that the character you enjoy the most might not be the character you win the most.

Same here. I try many characters also. How you win is more important than just winning, that’s the difference from a person who got lucky with a gimmick that the other person didn’t figure out yet or a person who plays rock solid with a better play style. But keep in mind your just playing video games. It can be as simple as playing as Scorpion and just use flaming ground move and throw a spear when they jump so you can get a free combo.