Finding the right pad for a friend

Hi everyone. My friend has expressed a disinterest in using his Xbox controllers D-pad anymore for Blazblue. He practices on his xbox but when playing with us, he uses a PS3 controller. So it messes with his inputs somewhat with the switching and how bad he hates the Xbox d-pad.

So, we are looking to help him get a better pad for use with both systems. Price is a factor and is probably the main reason he isn’t getting a stick. I did fail to mention to him about the standard edition stick that is available. I know it isn’t very good but I figure it will last till later on, when he wants to replace the buttons and gate stick.

But if he doesn’t want a stick, what options do you think I can recommend to him? The fightpad is possible but the reviews on newegg are not very good and I have searched and read opinions on it. But they are cheap and I believe we can dual mod it.

I also read about the new hori controller but that seems to be very hard to dual mod. Making it not an ideal project since I will likely be the one doing the mechanical stuff (I am just better at it).

Are there computer controllers that can be dual modded? I believe I have heard some of them are quite nice.

He also wondered if there was a converter for a PS2 controller to PS3/Xbox. I think he said he found one but it was from an unknown third party and didn’t want to spend on uncertain quality.

For those that aren’t aware, Blazblue only uses 4 buttons, so a 6 button controller on the faceplate isn’t necessary.

Quality, price and ease of dual modding are the most important for him. He can’t access a computer recently (it broke :frowning: ) so I am making this for him and I do want to help him out.

So I highly appreciate any help you can give me in helping my friend. Sticks aren’t out of the question necessarily but I know they can quickly get out of his price range. I don’t mind doing some manual labor to get it all running if it is something a normal person can do.

Thanks again.

Yes, there are decent PS2 => 360 converters. There are also good PS2 => PS3 converters. Getting a set of those and a PS2 stick with Sanwa / Seimitsu parts (check the Trading Outlet) would actually probably be the cheapest option.

I can’t recommend him getting a Madcatz SE unless he will have the means to upgrade it within 1-2 months. The accuracy of its joystick declines sharply at some point, and there’s little more frustrating than having a single diagonal (e.g. “1”) fail to register. That said, a fightpad costs the same amount and will also have to be replaced, albeit a little longer down the road (3-6 months).

fightpad ftw man. $40 new. Last about 3-6 months

Excellent, thank you very much for that. Do you happen to know where he could get those converters? I think he would prefer getting from someplace someone recommends to ensure it won’t be crappy.

And in case he DOES want to make a jump to stick, where could he find the stick? A ps2 stick off amazon or newegg? And if you don’t mind, where we could get the parts? I forgot the name of the place that sells semitsu and Sanwa parts online.

I really appreciate the help and I am sure he will too.

I think that settles that idea!


Run by SRK’s very own Laugh. Get the inPin (PS2->PS3) and Xconverter 360 (PS2->360).

Wow, thats perfect! Thank you very much for that. I am sure he will be quite happy when I tell him.

The Trading Outlet on SRK is one of the only places you will still find decent PS2 sticks. Amazon doesn’t carry any good ones anymore, and while I’m unsure about Newegg, I find it hard to believe that they’d have stock of any good PS2 sticks since they’re all out of production. Alternatively, he could buy a 360 SE fightstick and dual-mod it, but that would end up costing just as much if not more, or a Mayflash (can be purchased from eTokki as well), but Mayflashes are apparently a pain to mod, and the stock parts are pretty bad (they are dual-system out of the box though). is my recommendation for a parts vendor, though there are others. Their shipping is fast and reliable.

Thank you for that. I will relay it to him and I really appreciate the help.