Finding Time to Play

If you a considered a good player, do you have a lot of time to play games? I think the reason why I am unable to hone my skills any further is because I don’t have enough time to play games. I am guaranteed to have homework everyday and it stops me for playing. The only time I can play is Friday night or during break. The other times, I either have to be in Track practice or doing homework/studying. So, what I am asking is that is it possible for me to get better, but playing for a small amount of time?

What’s the rush to get good quickly? People have been playing this genre for over 15 years…<br>

The only thing I’ve found to work having limited time is to be super regimented with practice sessions. What I do is set aside an hour I know I will have free every day. I pick out the optimal combo for a given amount of meter or situation, and then just grind it every day until I’ve mastered it. Normally I do one at a time, and it just sort of comes after a week or so. I split my time between that and ranked (I only do ranked because it’s quicker to get started usually). It’s extremely boring practicing this way, but for me it’s either that or not play at all.

<div><img src=“”><br></div><div><br></div>Yes, it’s possible, as long as you know what you want to do with the free time you have + you maximize your use of it.<div><br></div><div>These days I only really get to play on Fridays/Saturdays as well, but I feel it’s worth it if I get to fight against equal or better/much better opponents.</div>