Finding VGA capable CRT's? (4:3)

I’m trying to find a nice monitor for my Dreamcast setup, and I really want to do the VGA out for better picture (ST color bleeds like mad with RCA yellow video), but I’m finding it really hard to come across a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor at a decent size. Plenty of 17 inch, and 15 inch, but at that size I’d rather just keep the 20 inch TV, even with the terrible color bleed.

Does anyone know a good place to find these? Maybe a landfill? :frowning:

Honestly good luck these days finding quality CRT monitors and TVs.

You want to hit up yard sales, thrift stores, 2nd hand stores, pawn shops, crags list, ebay and your local news paper listings.
You might also want to put up a ad listing on crags list, the trading post, news paper, home town’s community bulletin board (if you have one)
See a old CRT screen on the street curb, nab it. It could be in perfect working order or it could be junk.
I know some people who resorted to dumpster diving for antiquated technology.

I think this is pretty much my best bet. I’ll throw out a craigslist wanted and see what happens! Maybe hit up some pawn stores, but honestly, I don’t know any that would keep this stuff around.

Craigslist should be the winner. People give them away there. I normally buy CRTs at Good Will. They’ve around $20 these days. I don’t see CRTs at pawn shops anymore. They’re probably not taking them.

20" is pretty exotic. I have a 17" VGA CRT in storage. I use it in winter to warm up my apartment.

heh. Well, it looks like ST is either A. Not supported or B. Looks like a dog on VGA. I might just find a S-Video cable, even though those are pretty hard to find now as well, and an old nice big CRT. The “flatscreen” I am using currently has a ton of flicker and bleed and is driving me nuts. I’m using my studio monitors for l/r audio channels, sounds great, but RCA yellow looks like a dog.

S-Video will be a huge step up. Finding a good 480i CRT with component inputs is pretty simple on Craigslist, so maybe think about picking up an RGB SCART cable along with a SCART -> Component adapter. This will be the best standard definition video option for you, and is damn close to arcade quality.

If you do want to go for a VGA monitor, ST does indeed support the Dreamcast VGA adapter. The downside though is a total lack of scanlines, which personally, ruins the image quality.

I run my 360 via VGA on my capable Arcade monitors. It looks great.

As far as CRT TV’s go, craigslist will be your best bet. I’m on the hunt for a 20" PVM Trinitron monitor. Standard Trinitron’s are great as well. I use a 24" Trinitron with Component in for my stream setup. 360/PS3 games look great via Component on it. Trinitron for life!

You use a 24" trinitron? By any chance, would this be the Sony FW900?

I’ve asked about some TV’s on Craigslist, but most people selling them cheap don’t know anything about them. I asked one what kind of input/outputs one had and they replied “the usual”. :frowning:

You could ask them to send you a pic of the connectors.

Back in the day, outside of professional editing monitors, the desirable CRT was the IBM 21" which had a Sony Trinitron tube. Quite a beasty, but had a beautiful picture. I’ll sell you mine for next to nothing if you are in the Phoenix area. I don’t use it.

Went to Goodwill today, had a nice selection of old TV’s, way overpriced though. I could find these things on the curb or in the trash and Goodwill wants 99.99 for a 32 inch old tube non-flatscreen RCA inputs only TV…<div>I almost laughed all the way out the door!</div>

Damn 99.99? My goodwill just sells them around 12.99-14.99 for 12 inch tv, and 24.99 for 20ish inch tv<br>

<blockquote class=“Quote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/15912/BoboGlory">BoboGlory</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Damn 99.99? My goodwill just sells them around 12.99-14.99 for 12 inch tv, and 24.99 for 20ish inch tv<br></div>

I believe each good will center are allowed to set their own pricing <br>

Wow. Never seen one priced at 99. That is gross. Big CRTs have been $20 lately where I’m at.

If you just want an old TV, check the “free” section on Craisglist.  People are always trying to give them away on there.<br><br>If you want VGA, though, you might have an easier time if you focus your search on CRT computer monitors specifically.<br>