Finest K.O help!

Hi there could any one help me out and give me some good advice on getting I finest k.o. I would like to unlock the 2 hidden fighters but I cant seem to pull off a finest k.o at all.
Many thanks P.Dog :pleased:

Still need help

From gameF&Q "To obtain a finest KO, satisfy one of the following:

  1. counter a super move with a special move
  2. counter a special move with a level 3 super
  3. counter a super move with a super move
  4. finish an opponent with a level 3 super who is taunting"

I am no expert at this game but I do enjoy playing it so does any one have any advice on getting this finest K.O and unlocking the 2 hidden fighters. Many thanks P.Dog

To gain God Rugal OR Shin Akuma you must gain the following:

You have to have more than 800 ratio points OR 2 super move finishes BEFORE the final match then you should have a new challenger, if u don’t you might as well start over. If its Bison you should end up fighting God Rugal and if you fight Geese as your new challenger you should have Shin Akuma. If u end up fighting the original Akuma or Rugal, you can start over. This is what I did. On a ratio or 3on3 match i fought God Rugal. On a single, I fought Shin Akuma. It is better to do a one on one match because it helps in the long run but it won’t help in the last match in Burning Osaka. God Rugal is weak but Shin Akuma is the SHIT SON on an 8 star difficulty(trust me it aint easy.)

For a Finest KO I am STILL TRYING TO DO THAT so you are on your own.

Good luck.

To get Finest KOs, play Rock on a K-Groove (or N or C) team and use Level 3 Shine Knuckle to beat CPU special moves. Easy.

Pick a ratio-4 character, that way you always get the OCV bonus.

Wait for the computer to do a laggy special. For nak: wait for her slide. For Terry: wait for a burn knuckle, block, then level 3 super.

If you ever get the opponent dizzy, do a level 3 hoping it kills him. chances are, he was doing a special as he got dizzy, and you’ll still get the finest for it.

If you still can’t get it, give up.

uh, does anyone know what the explanation was for “blocked” finest KO?

i just got one recently(replay saved). i died from chip damage and it was finest KO.

That’d definatly a new one. Maybe post a vid and we can theorise better?

My best guess that I can come up with is;
You did a lvl3, or at least special, then tried to ‘reversal’ block. You then got lvl3 reversaled which connected whilst you were in your ‘jd’ state (even though you’re not in k). What I mean by all this is, if you try to ‘jd’ (not in k) shin akuma’s misogi, it still connects for like 98% of the damage. In addition to this, if it kills you, you get a gaurd crushed death, but you can get the ‘one before finest’ ko (fancy moving background, but NOT the fiery+glass shatter one). That’s the closest thing I’ve seen to a blocked finest ko. So I figure you add in a whiffed lvl3 on your part, maybe you can bump it up a notch :confused:.

That’s my best guess without having seen the vid first.

i remember someone posting about it before, but i never read the replys. oh well

i dont’ have any access to vid equipment nor do i know how to do any of it. soo…

here was the situation:
K-sagat vs K-maki(me).

1)he’s raged, i’m not
2)he’s knocked down in the corner
3)he does wake up tiger raid, while i tried to do my KKK move.(i think i pressed it too late so that the super freeze came up before i pressed it.)
4)i block the first few hits low, and then i stand up(cuz i wanted to kill him with KKK on his recovery since he had no life. but i realized i will die from chip damage, so i tried to block low to avoid it. however it wouldn’t let me block low, and i was stuck in standing block stun. :confused:
5)died from chip. announcer yells out finest KO.

I never hear Finest Ko =(
I just get dramatic ending… I always like to end it with that…
but yeah Ive got a couple of that too… Im not sure… but I think it only works after u did a move.

too beat S Akuma… use K groove… stand back JD his fire balls… and when he gets close… you can poke him to death.

but I see this guy at the arcade can beat him easily with ken… like combos him and everything…

Rugal… I just use K kyo… knock em down … then low jump c.hp over and over

Actually a dramatic KO and a finest KO are the same thing. It is only a change in words but it does the same thing.

In other words, you get a dramatic KO, its really a finest KO.

dramatic KO = us version
finest ko = japanese version

i think…

More specifically, finest ko = non-EO version, dramatic ko = EO version.

Also, you actually hear the announcer say finest ko, but for dramatic ko the announcer only says ko (if anything at all, I can’t remember)

i think you get dramatic KO on ps2 version too.