Finger Placement on a Stick

So, yeah. Got a stick, not doing too bad, got the grip on the stick good but how should I place my fingers, should I use the pinky at all for 3P and 3K, should they be stretch across the pad or kinda bent with the tip of the fingers in between the two rows?

I’ve seen both his videos but he never uses 3K and 3P and also never clarifies if his “using two fingers for 1 button” applies for everything or just L and M attacks. Right now I’m using my pinky for 3K and 3P but it feels ackward because it draws my whole hand.

I don’t use 3P and 3K. It seems easier to just get used to hitting the three buttons in a row. I know some guys like to remap some of the P+K combos like throw and v-skill into those buttons.

Holy crap, it is easier to just use the 3 buttons, thanks mate.