Fingers are getting blistered



can anyone recommend me a glove or finger bandage to protect my fingers. They are getting blistered and bruised from doing the sliding technique.

Cheers lads


Pool gloves? I recall that’s what some of the Chun-Li and Gen players recommended.




Stop mashing lol


Switch to pad, I only use my thumb to do hands and its never sore, problem solved.


you are on your way, warrior


Yo donny stop playing it for so long


I’d recommend trying to learn to piano if you can. It’s an old argument, but I found it easier to control when EX hands come out and stuff like that with the piano technique.


maybe i was doing it to hard and sloppy when i first started. now that ive a had a few months practice my hands have gotten used to it and they are not so sore. cant do the piano method consistently for some reason, i find the slide method works better.


Back when I was playing I kinda realized that using only one technique was bad for me because I’m old and my hands start to hurt quick with all the hands stuff, so I used a variety of methods that I listed HERE some time ago. Here they are:


I recommend learning to piano, i could never slide consistantly… lp, hp, mp, lp, hp, start slow, speed up, when i was first getting used to i even did it on my table or my leg just to get the muscle memory going…


How about the more obvious lp, mp, hp, lp, hp? I’ve been doing it that way but still quite ordinary at it, I have particular trouble getting regular HP hands instead of EX.

I struggle to go fast enough for the lp, hp, mp, lp, hp technique, though it’s probably just muscle memory.


The second way isn’t anymore hard than your first method. If you want to learn how to do it, just walk around tapping that pattern on tables, your leg, etc. Just doing it a lot will enable you to do it on a stick. Start by drumming slowly and then build up speed.

Also, if you’re getting EX HHS, it means you’re hitting the last 2 buttons in the sequence too closely together.


ok thanks. How about xx HHS (for jumpins)? I was going to do, hp, lp, mp, hp, but obviously the first hit is a focus attack. I guess I could do, c.hp, c.lp,, c.hp?


Hmmmm… I’d honestly just have to go into the lab and try it your way to know. However, I will point this out: when doing to HHS, I’d suggest using the slide method. It’s way easier to pull off that way, IMO.