Fingers sticking while sliding inputs


So when I’m playing at home I can slide inputs just fine but when I go out to casuals something about the humidity or the air or whatever makes my fingers stick to my buttons and makes sliding a nightmare… it seriously hampers how I play. I’ve tried washing my hands, keeping them in my pockets, wiping down my stick but none of it really helps. So far solutions I’ve seen involve tape, fingers wrapped in string and gloves but is there something better? I’d seriously rather not show up to locals with a glove on one hand unless I have a pimp cane in the other.

What are your approaches to dealing with this?

  1. ok, there are gloves for snooker/pool players use, it covers thumb and index and mid finger

  2. use a lint free cloth to wipe your buttons before you play.

  3. Use anti perspirant spray and wipe your hands before play

  4. buy surgery gloves


If anything, I imagine washing your hands until they’re dry would make them stick to the buttons even more.

A few options you can tinker around with is:
[]Take a damp cloth and wipe it across the stick. Sometimes random icky stuff can form gunk and cause your fingers to stick.
]Lotion up your hands before play. Creates a thin layer of slippery lotion on your fingers that can help you slide better, without worrying about it gunking up the surface of your stick.
[]Wear gloves. We have a local Chun player who wears thin gloves made for billiards. Doesn’t get your hand all sweaty, protects your fingers from cuts, callouses, and blisters, but provide enough “slide” for your fingers.
]Use deodorant on your hands.
The best option, imo, would be the gloves. Looking uncool in front of a group of nerds takes a backseat to having superior execution when you need it.


Lotion is a good one, I’ll have to try that. I’m hunting around for a suitable glove, the best I’ve seen so far are glove liners.


Remind me to never use your stick if we’re ever in the same room.


Tape on the fingers is probably a good idea. Or some kind of bandage on each finger.


I doubt you could even if you wanted to.


Don’t you guys hate it when your arcade stick gets all sticky after you masturbate?

What? What do you mean you’ve never tried it? OH OKAY, ME NEITHER!


I did have a load fire across the room and land on the stick during sex :frowning:


Bassist Jaco P. Used to eat greasy fried chicken before going onstage to lube up his fingers, try that at casuals :wink:


do a mvc2 yipes and rock a glove


After trying velcro, lotion (lol), scotch tape and dried super glue I settled on tape and went and bought some proper medical tape; works perfectly. Thought I’d post up my conclusion for people that are interested.


only FG have that twisted lingo…