Finished Comic. Oh, the excitement


I wanted to draw a story about the best sort of love - the eternal variety.

Medium : Watercolor, Pencil and Ink

The sandwich was rushed.


:lol: :lol:
very nice!:cool:


Excellent, I enjoyed this comic. Keep up the good work.



interesting… well drawn and colored. Shit, I want a peice of that Samich


Hey Man that’s CHOICE! Nice watercolors. And great inking. Do you usally use watercolors in your finished work. Cos’ it looks way cool!

Seems like everyones posting comics lately. I’ve got a fight scene from the end of one of mine in my Captians Munta’s Sea Maddned Muntness thread. I got a few funnies there too. That other guy posted his comic about the eggplant somewhere around here too.

Lets see more.


Glad people like it.

I don’t go for watercolors normally. I used to use them all the time years ago, but since then my preferred medium has been acrylic and computer coloring. I did a bunch of studies before I painted the comic to get a feel for the medium once again.

And yeah, I know Gammon, so I had the wonderful chance to see his genius in action when he was creating his comic, which I consider to have the best story in existence.


Picture is making me hungry. Think i’ll just run next door and grab a sub. Thats good structure and watercolors, as i can’t water for nothing. Overall great work.


that page is flawless,great watercolors teknik:)