Finished my first custom arcade stick

I just finished my first arcade stick. There were too many button layouts to choose from. I had a hard time choosing since I play a lot of different genres of games, so since I had some extra parts laying around I decided to use them all, why not right?

The wiring is a mess inside though. Not all buttons are functioning at the same time, various button layouts are activated by switches located at the back (5 different layout choices total); luckily the hacked PCB was able to handle it. Let me know what you think.

How many games that?

So, do you have 3 sticks for analog sticks? How’d you manage to do that? Also, there’s a sticky at the top for this, you may want to post this there…

So this the final design of your Case?
I remember you make Post showing which design for us to choose.

Yeah, I recall this design, but I don’t think a case with that many holes will catch on.

Yes, here is Thread.

does the pink button blow the stick up?

just askin’ <.<…

Yeah, how’d you manage to actually fit three Happ sticks in that case? It must be a hellua big in there. Which is interesting, to say the least.

What PCB is handle this?

Maybe it’s just a special function button that he didn’t wanna forget.

maybe it really blows the stick up.

o_o… can you imagine playing a fighting game and pressing it by accident. that would definately throw the opponent off his game.

Maybe this was his plan all along. Or maybe to get them laughing senseless at how wacky it is.

If you move the sticks and buttons in a certain sequences you can end the earth.

So if you play multiple games instead of creating a crazy design just why not make a slide out panel? Or just make seperate sticks cause that looks… eh, I can’t even describe that looks like a bomb.

I smell 3d render. It is not physically possible to mount some of those components, knowing the internal dimensions. Happ Ultimates never came in pink.

Copy and Paste Buttons.

Finally, a joystick for multi-limbed beings.

Ha, funny how someone figures out its a fake by knowing what colors Happ has. But ya, I was having fun with rendering and figured I may as well go out with one of them just for kicks. Thought some of you would have a laugh at it as well.

So ya, it’s not real, its a 3d rendering. That’s also why I didn’t want to post it on the sticky.

I didn’t want you to answer my questions anyway.
They were not meant to be real.

But I do want to see a real one of this.
Even if had to modify a lot of the parts to make fit.

I was totally fooled at first, You sneaky bastard slipped one by me.

But seriously is someone going to deactivate the bomb o_o?

I cannot describe my initial reaction to seeing this

Bafflement perhaps.