Finished My Stick

So I finished my stick, although it’s not perfect. I’ve also posted a few guts images of the stick, although they may frighten you. This is my first custom stick, so I know there’s vast room for improvement. I didn’t use the screws that qcf gave me for my jlf, and I regret that because the nut inside keeps falling out. Also, the 2nd button on the bottom row occasionally comes loose inside, although it only happens when it’s moved and can easily be remedied by hitting the bottom (ghetto). The paint job sucks, I know. I sprayed it with about two coats, then threw some finish, then a couple more coats the next day after sanding and topped it with some finish. Before I painted it, I put the parts in and tested it at a friends house, and unfortunately, the wood attracts dog hair easily (even now). However, playwise it’s great. I’m amazed how sensitive the buttons are and love the weight and the fact that it’s MY stick that I made. It runs off a PS1 dual shock pcb with a PS2 to USB adapter for PC and PS3, and a PS2 to GameCube for Wii. No problems here. The insides might scare you, because I decided to use local parts instead of ordering online. In order to do a sbiffyhack, I had to run wires to the quick disconnects, and then staple the ends, wrap them in tape, and slide the staple into the PCB. Does it work? Like a charm. Was it a pain to do? Hellz yeah. Have I learned my lesson? Maybe. So here are the pics, hope you like ImageShack…
My First Stick (Pre-Sand/Repaint)
Post Sand/Repaint
So are there any suggestions you might make? I’d love to slap some artwork on it, if anyone has any advice for doing so that would help. I’d like to thank SRK forums for all the documented help, to QCFGames for the great (and cheap) case, and to for the cheap and fast shipped parts.

Lol, that piece of newspaper is still there. I thought you were going to repaint it from the first repaint.

The paint shouldn’t attract anything really :slight_smile:


Sorry dude, those were all from before the repaint. After I took those, I sanded the case down, thew a couple more coats of paint on, and then finished with a layer of finish. I got most of the dog hair and newspaper off with the sanding, and the layers of pain pretty much disguised the rest. As you can see, I used the bottom of the stick as sort of a “test piece.” The newer pics are here:
Post Sand/Repaint
So I have decided to try and apply artwork to my custom stick, and had an idea in mind, but just thought I’d throw the idea out to you guys first. Say I print out some artwork on a fairly sturdy piece of gloss paper with a pretty good printer and let it sit to dry. Then I apply it with a very light layer of paste, just to have it stick in place, and cut out all the holes. Finally, I go over it with a layer of finish. My worries would be how the paper would respond to the finish. I’m wondering if it would soak it up, or fade, or what? I’m going to get a piece of wood and run a few experiments first, before I actually try it on the stick.