Finished pedestal cabinet,looking for Game knowledge


Hey guys/gals…

I have finally finished my Stealth Pedestal cabinet with 2 Built in Qanba q4 Raf sticks

I currently have a PS3/360 and PC built into it, eventually after more fighting games are released on new consoles these also will be built it.

Anyways…i am looking into buying games now,i have MK9 and SSVI and injustice atm,but I am looking into games on the PS3 that work well with the fightstick,can you please recommend any?

Do the following work well? and how are they?

Tekken Tag 2
Tekken 6
Dead Or Alive 5 ultimate
Virtua fighter 5

also are there any other games recommended that I can get over all consoles/PC that work well with fightsticks?

Thank so much for any info


Virtually any 2D and 3D fighting game ever works great with arcade sticks. Most were designed for them, after all.


ya basically any ps3 fighting game was originally designed to work on a fightstick. Blazblue:chronophantasma, persona 4, soul calibur 5, king of fighters 13 are some good ones. Im pretty sure you can buy some cool arcade older arcade games on psn as well such as street fighter third strike, and street fighter II super turbo.

Guilty gear xrd sign and jojo bizzare adventure have yet to release in usa but you can look for those in the future


and all the ones you mentioned work fine as well


Any fighter will work with the sticks. I would look into wiring up some older systems to your setup. Dreamcast and sega Saturn have a lot of arcade classics and they are almost arcade perfect. If you went the ps360+ route, then it should be easy. Just buy a new USB cord to match the console.


Ye I have Hyperspin built in with hundreds and thousands or games running via emulators etc…

I just wanted to know what im missing out on on current console games…

Are there any other games that work well with sticks? that you could suggest?


Xbox Live Arcade games I currently play with a fightstick:
SFIII: Third Strike
SFII Hyper Fighting
Metal Slug
Streets of Rage
Scott Pilgrim
Double Dragon Neon
Final Fight