Finished Short Comic - Brief Mind


This is a comic for an intro to sequential class I have. I finished over the course of a couple of days. When the deadline came I had to color the last 3 pages in one day! O_O; I hurt…

I am not very pleased with some of the colors. The only parts I like are panel 3 on page 1, page 2, and the bottom of page 3. Lemme know what you think! If you have any advice on color please help! I need it. If you can, please do a paint over. Enjoy.

Oh and excuse the ULTRA shitty, cover page. I HAD to make one so I plopped this one in 10 minutes.


I loved the comic strip, nice work!


very nice comic :slight_smile: loved it…hope to see more


cool art, colouring, plot and all. I like.

only thing I’ll comment on is our choice of typeface(font) you used in most of the word bubbles. Bold condensed fonts don’t exactly make for easy reading (I actually experienced eyestrain in one panel). Were you going for a particular effect?

there are quite a lot of comic fonts out there - I’m personally partial to WildWords, choose something you’re comfortable with.

great stuff… keep 'em coming o manic one :slight_smile:


Very nice! I like the title.

Quick breakdown on page one:

First panel is good. second panel move the guy either up a bit or down a bit as the arrows indicates. Third panel move the light little bit to the left, too centered. 4th panel is great as you left the space as he is looking right. Fifth and sixth panel you kind of have the same established shot. Maybe have the silhouette of the car and underneath shows the door. Sixth panel is self explanatory.

Page two:

First 2 panels are great. Third panel is good except angle the car some more. Fourth panel is good. 7th panel since you already established the door 2 times already we know somebody is coming out so why not switch the angle from their point of view and that also leaves room to show the guys in the car also as the red arrow indicates.

Last page is great but maybe when he’s getting shot in the head tilt his head back some. I never been shot so I wouldn’t know heh. Love the last panels though. Overall nice concept and story ideas.


2nd page.


Oo - cool, thanks for the help SFMC. The 1st page improvements are very nice. I also like the last panel on page 2 you suggest. Thankas!