Finisher Combos

what combo do you do to finish off the guy?


Ok i’ve got another question.
What is the best way to use Remy SA1?
I juts put it after neutral throw in corner, but damage is not so good.
I also sometimet do SA1 after D+HP and later HK CBK but damage is also not so good as SA2 combos.
SA1 is quite easy to parry.
So what is it real secret?
(maybe everdred have told this before in his 1000-pages thread i dunno… if yes just copy the answer here)

I like SA1 more then 2… its easier for me to link it off of jump ins, or cf…its also great just to keep people the fuck off for a second if things get crazy…just throw it out and it pushes people away if they block, and if they parry so what let them feel cool…you get to regroup with no reprecussions… unless you are facing the wrong way you arent gonna get punished for using it…
makes you feel good to link two of them in a row in the corner too.
SA2 misses sometimes and you get owned, and off some combos you cant get all the hits in.
Light Of JUstice dude… Justice…dude…justice.

I agree, I like SA1 for the safeness of it. It’s good against characters that dash a lot/have a slow dash, and can be an effective anti-air from the right ranges. The damage is weak, but I’d rather dish out slightly less damage and be safe on block than deal slightly more damage, but eat a SA for free if I miss.

Yes… SA1 is really safe (i think you could punish remy only standing near and parry all the hits), but everyone ae saying that with SA1 a powerful combos can be done. Yes i know you can link two LOJ in a combo but its not so great damagind I’d rather do SRRF… so instead of safeness i still don’t know the REAL secret of it. also SA2 has reat priority and gives 2 EXs more.

Yeah, SA2 has a 1 frame start-up, letting you link from UOH if you land it, and it does beat out a lot of attacks instead of trading. The extra EX’s is also good, but I find that Remy builds meter pretty easily, so not having 2 extra EX’s isn’t gonna kill me.

One thing about SA2 is that I’ve done it before (w/ no conformation hit, I think) that hit for a few hits, but the opponent was able to block the rest of it. Actually, maybe it was off of a far but yeah, I find that it doesn’t always juggle that well.


ever go to vancouver? i’ll play you… :karate:

SAI is a good mixup IMO. Since Remy has no mixups, xx SAI is a good option. Just go dash up and do it when you feel lucky. It’s safe blocked or hit, and hard to redparry.

lotus: No, I’m still a student, and I don’t play at the arcades very well (don’t kill me). Most of the stuff I’m posting about is based off experience playing on the PS2 version w/ my friends, and by no means are we good. I do visit the arcade occasionally, but I watch more than I play, so I generally have an idea what I’m talking about…

However, I feel like I have a good knowledge of the game just by reading the forums/StratGuide and by watching as many vids as I can, but my execution leaves much to be desired.

Thanks for the challenge though. I’ll keep that in mind if I’m ever on the west coast. :party:

Edit: Weird… how did this post go from saying “No, I don’t go to Vancouver often” to being “I’m not that good”?

Remy has no mixups?
I’ll say Mixups are Remy’s best side.

does Flying HP + EX cbk hit hard or does flying HP + HK RRF harder??

i think RRF hits harder, but in corner do jHP, CBK (lk or mk), RRF :smiley: 3 hits- this hits the hardest :smiley:

in corner, when your opponent jumps in and you hit with crouching HP, do cbk and reset with sonic boom. when he’s landing, you can walk in for a neutral grab or a meaty mp/mk or a meaty low LOV or a … and a … and a … and it goes on and on

I’ve had trouble landing cbk after a jumping HP, cr.HP, and neutral throw (in the corner, I know). Do you execute it earlier than you think you should, because I always do mine too late? In fact, I’ve only been able to do it once, and that was an accident (I did a QCB+k motion instead of a flash kick).

after neutral throw you cannot cbk and rrf.

… Oh. The whole time, I’ve been reading the Brady Guide wrong… lol. I saw the various other ways of doing that combo (j.HP, cr.HP), and assumed that neutral throw would work, since you can RRF off of it. Well, it’s good to know… now I’ll stop trying to do it.

Hey Yuk_Fai, I made a video that I posted on the yahoo group to try to help you out with the timing and connecting the moves a little…

I should have added more to it…after you do the cr. HP, do the CBK as soon as the opponent goes flying up for a better chance for it to hit. Remember that it has to be MK CBK or LK CBK. If you only manage to hit the opponent while they’re near the ground, only LK CBK will work, as MK CBK wont reach.

Becouse it’s not just JUMPING hp… It’s when you and your opponent are both in the air. Then HP, CBK (and when in corner), rrf
And you can put RRF after neutral throw but only in corner.

One of my favorites is Deep Jump-in Fp,Stand.Mp,Lp lov xx SRRF

At least for finishing. works wonders if you use empty jumps mixed with it