Finisher Combos

jumping HP, SAI ownz all

no no jHP , (close)HP, SA2 ownz All

meh, jHP, cr. MP, EX Flash kick, cancel flash kick into SAII ownz yall…it might not take that much damage, but it looks so koo ;D

HAHA! true so true.
So maybe (for a little more than half screen) EX LOV, HK CBK , SA2 :> (In corner Ofcourse)

HK CBK doeesn’t connect to anything else (didn’t you watch my vid??) :confused: Only MK and LK CBK connect sorry, unless you mean using the HK CBK to jump on the other side of them and then do the special :> but they will most likely block that (unless they suck)

no… it connects. I think… :>

dude, no, lol

Heh… I’ve got not the best day today… It looks like i’m starting to write bullshits -_-’

cr. MP xx SAI (all 6 LOV hits) xx RRF


The RRF after SAI can be blocked :confused:

all of the LOVs must hit.
did you try it with EX RRF?
because you know that LOV XX SAII works right?
LOV works with CBK because LOV stuns them just enough for the second hit to combo


ok, if all LOVs of the SAI hit you cannot connect anything, not even EX RRF, unless you did SAI when the opponent was in the air. I dont know what LOVE XX SAII has to do with what you are talking about right now, but ok. And where did CBK come from in that last sentence? You didn’t even mention CBK in the previous post.

So, no, SAI does not connect to RRF in any way shape or for, kthnxbye

what i meant is that sb can stun the opponent long enough for remy to do a cbk to hit…

so these lov have stun ability and you should be able to get an RRF

ok, dude, SHOULD let you is not the same as DOES let you, if you do an SAI you CANNOT connect, i’m telling you, I don’t say stuff on here unless I try it out first, I think everyone should do the same instead of making up impossible combos :confused:

Dude are you talking about SAI WHILE the opponent is in the air? that would make like 10xs more sense :confused: otherwise it’s not possible

cr mp xx SAI xx RRF. I got 8 hit combo. it said on the screen.

the last three stuns the guy

…OK (does the math)

Cr. MP = 1 Hit
RRF = 1 Hit

Total = 9 Hits

I’m telling you, I don’t say stuff on here unless I try it first, the Cr. MP connects to SAI, yes, that’s 1 hit from MP and 7 Hits from SAI, then if the opponent is dumb enough to not be blocking you can do RRF but it will not connect to the combo, but by the time you do it the 8 combo hit thing will pop up.

So what you are seeing that says “8 Hit combo” is just One hit from Cr. MP and 7 from SAI… KTHNXBYE ;D

kal el > lotus

that is all.


bring it!

come to J’Zs Bitch!

This is the second time i disprove something lotus says then he just ignores everything I said :confused: