Finkle arcade stick for sale

Finkle arcade stick for ps2 and 3 extra seimitsu bubble tops

only used twice, mint condition

Cost over 130.00 new:
$220 for the stick
$15 for the balltops
$40 for shipping to the uk from noel in canada

Free postage within the uk.
postage to the states:
Fed EX 4 day delivery 25.48
check back soon im trying to find a better price!

payment via paypal in pound sterling only please

:frowning: I want, i can’t have. especially with like a 100 dollar shipping charge _ nice looking stick though.


sorry about that, if anyone knows of a company that can offer cheeper shipping to he states pm me please

Holy shit I had no clue about the conversion rate :wasted: I’m gonna retract my pm for now.

no problem, unless someone can help me find cheaper shipping i suspect this will be a uk only sale.

package details:
weight: 2.7kg
width: 25cm
length: 33cm
height: 12cm

bump: i am open to offers everyone!

what would be the shipping cost to Belgium???

and what stick an buttons are in this one?

Excellent Question, the buttons and stick are both Seimitsu.

ill pm u a postage cost to germany, shouldnt be any where near as bad as to the states.

oke that would be about the same as belgium in distance

I only have played with sanwa yet, so I don’t know what to expect from Seimitsu. I’ll think about it

Hi, unfortunatly living in “rip off britain” the cheapest i have been able to find shipping to belgium is 25.45 for standard economy (3 day delivery, not tracked) and 32.95 for global priority (3 day delivery guaranteed, fully tracked)

sorry about that :wasted:




cheaper postage found!

initial post updated, check back soon as im still looking for cheaper postage

awesome stick, especially because it has a seimitsu stick.


I’m gonna sound like a total dipshit for this but what currency is it listed as right now? I always get confused with the signs :wasted:

British Pound I believe. The conversion rate for US Dollar is basically double at this point in time.

price lowered to 80.00