Finkle stick for sale

fink stick, a couple of months old, hardly used.

uk only

postage 10.00 via royal mail 1st class recorded

best offer takes it.

includes three seimitsu bubble ball tops as well as the plain black one on the stick

no offers man atleast post a starting price…

I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in this, please post a price, it’s forum rules.

I’m sure a lot more people would be interested if you’d be wiliing to ship outside of the UK. Like me for instance :wgrin:

What they said. Post a price.


oh, and will you ship to US if I pay extra shipping?

Agree. Please post a price and a willingness to ship to the US. Thanks

i dont know what would be fair for it so i thought i would leave it up to people to make offers.

sorry if i went against forum policy, seeing as nobody is prepared to discuss a fair price then mods please just delete my thread.

you tend to realize that everyone is too diffident to suggest a price. They don’t want to set their own fate so to speak. Which is why the that rule exists.

Just pick a price that you expecting for it and put that as your asking price. If people think it’s too high, they’ll virtually stone you to bring down the price (not really, but no one will buy it and you’ll have to bring it down or not sell), and if it’s too low, you’ll get multiple offers and take the highest bidder. Works better this way.

If you’re still having problems coming up with a price, then just take the original cost of the stick and deduct the equivalent of $10 US dollars.

Fair enough, i still dont see why people cant just make an offer but if everyone is keen for me to set a price before you all go and send me offers for less than that then i will.

The stick cost 130 new including shipping to the uk, id like 80 for it including shipping anywhere in the uk. Had a look at international shipping costs and have decided i am not prepared to post internationally, if u want one and are in the us go speak to noel himself.

sorry lads, me mates just offered me 80 cash in hand for it, its no longer for sale.


Simply because when you make an offer there’s 3 outcomes possible:

  1. you make a good offer, seller accepts and both happy (rarely happens)
  2. Your offer is too low, seller refuses, you look cheap
  3. Your offer is high, seller gladly accepts, you could’ve had it for cheap.

Hence the hesitation and rule set by the forum.

it works both ways mate, i didnt want to look a prat asking too much for it but also didnt want to let it go for a steal.

What!! I’d give you 95, but sure whatever. Thanks for posting a price.:tup:

my mates decided he doesnt want it after all (the silly lad thought it would work with his new ps3), im going to list it on ebay in the next couple of days. This seems the best way to make sure it goes for a fair price, both for me and the prospective buyer.

Ill post the item number on this thread if thats allowed, maybe if between now and then someone could post whether or not thats ok.

Also i forgot to mention its a seimitsu stick in case anyone was wondering.

You’re going to have to edit the thread or create a new one with FS: Finkle Stick (On ebay) as the subject.

ok thanks mate, ill start a new thread, ive done a right good job of giving out duff info on this one anyway :looney:

the new thread will be up tomorrow morning as thats when ill put the stick on ebay so if mods want to delete this thread to save space thats cool

Ebay link plz :slight_smile:

coming tommorow morning (gmt) ::wgrin: