Finkle stick: LK doesnt register

i have a finkle stick its been workin fine, but for some reason now the lk doesnt register…so i thought its the button or some wiring inside…but wen i put square x triagle and circle as LK they all dnt work…so pretty much LK itself doesnt register. could ne one help? thnx

Have you tried opening it and checking the connection? I’m guessing he uses quick disconnects? It’s probably just loose. See the the connection to the button on the LK is loose, I’d be willing to be that’s what it is.

I would first send finkle a PM before posting here.

But it sounds like a software issue.

what are you playing on? sounds more like the game / emulator isn’t working properly.

if you’re using joy2key, you could have just made a mess up there.

im playin the actual copy of mvc2…i plug other joys in and it work, ill check out the connection issue

try another game & see if all your buttons work. if they do, then you know its your software. if one button is dead across the board, then you know you have a hardware problem.

it just doesn’t make sense to me why LK wouldn’t work, no matter which button you mapped it to.

unless it was always showing X as pressed, and he left X mapped to LK; if its already pressed by another button, it wouldn’t register.

tsania, change the mappings to this:
X : HP
Triangle: HP
Square: LK
Circle: LK

And tell us what happens. I’m betting HP won’t come out, whether you press triangle or X, and LK will come out with either the square or circle. If so, there is a short circuit or busted microswitch at fault. Let us know how it behaves with those settings, and we can tell you what to do next.

ok followed ur instructions, now x and triangle wont respond…square and circle LKs are both workin fine. u might be on to somethin :wink:

It means that the Playstation thinks your X button is always held down. Sorry, but you will have to open your stick up.

  1. Open up the stick up.
  2. Look at the botton of your LK (X) button. If you see any metal touching other metal on those two tabs coming from the button, bend them out of the way to nothing touches other parts. Retest.
  3. The wires will be either soldered directly onto the two tabs, or will have quick disconnects on the tabs. Depending on which one you have:

If directly soldered:
4. You’re going to have to desolder one of the wires from its tab. It doesn’t matter which one, just remove it from the tab, and make sure it doesn’t touch anything else; covering the exposed end of the wire with electrical tape would be a good idea. It’s only for a moment anyways.

If using QD’s:
4. Remove one of the QD’s from the tab on the switch. Doesn’t matter which one. Yes, they are a bitch to remove, try using a flat blade screwdriver to nudge each side up a little. Once one is removed, make sure it doesn’t touch anything else, like covering it with electrical tape.

  1. Load up your game, set the setting like I said in the post above, and try again. If Triangle DOES do HP, then you know that X isn’t showing as pressed, and your problem is a bad microswitch. By a replacement button and swap the bad one out. If triangle does NOT do HP, then you know the short is somewhere else, probably on the PCB. Look for messy soldering on the PCB if you’re comfy trying to fix it yourself, or find your local stick geek to see if he’ll try to fix it for a six pack.

yeh itriangle doesnt do HP. man this is retarded, dnt kno why this happened. i opened it up and its QD for LK<x> it looks like its not touchin nehtin. well asu mention there is a short somewhere else, the pcb is the thing where it all connects? ama check it out. ty for help

the wire attached to the correct switch?

I’ll take care of it, bring it over man your like 15 minutes away, lol! :wink: